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webmum Wed 17-Jan-07 10:18:39

Dh and I will have been together for 20 years in the sumer and would love to celebrate with a fantastic holiday with chidlren (who will be 6 and 2 and1/2 in the summer).

Ideallyy we'd like to have a kids club, so we can get some time alone as well, and beach setting.
I ahd my mind set on places like Maldives, MAuritius, but not sure the summer is the best time to go.

Anyone has an ideas?

Thelittlesoldiersmummy Wed 17-Jan-07 10:24:34

Mauritius summer is Jan-April best time to go is Feb same as the seychelles you also get a lot of jelly fish and mosses in our summer!

webmum Thu 25-Jan-07 16:59:35


belgo Thu 25-Jan-07 17:03:24

What about Australia or New Zealand?

fairyjay Thu 25-Jan-07 17:10:12

Congratulations and what a great idea.
Dh and I visited both the Maldives (which I thought was fantastic and want to go back to) and also Mauritius (which to be honest I found a little disappointing). We did them both as a couple, and I'm not rushing to return with the children to be honest.

Have you thought about a safari, or as Belgo says, Australia or New Zealand?

v1negar Thu 25-Jan-07 22:00:13

Much to most people's shock, Thailand is a really great place to take kids and its absolutely beautiful. best time to go between nov and feb x

belgo Fri 26-Jan-07 12:31:06

I also thought of Thailand - it's a country that caters for all sorts of tourists, and really is an absolutely stunning country.

northstar Fri 26-Jan-07 12:35:12

South Africa? Not too hot that time of year, but very comfortable, and you could combine a safari (in a malaria-free area) with a beach hol. Also there are great packages that combine SA with Mauritius. TBH I would do no more than 3 days in Mauritius if I was doing SA as well, it is fantastic but can be just toooooooo perfect iyswim?

dejags Fri 26-Jan-07 12:39:04

Summertime in the UK isn't such a great time to longhaul to most places in the world if you want a beach holiday because of the weather. SE Asia/Caribbean/Australasia/Southern Africa are all either slap bang in the middle of the monsoon/hurricane season or winter.

For good predictable weather you would probably be safest sticking to Europe for a beach holiday. Fabulous resorts in Turkey, Italy, Greece to name a few.

It might be a bit more difficult to find the exotic factor in Europe. If you left it until UK Xmas time then the choice is much more varied weather wise. Caribbean would be my no. 1 destination (St Lucia/St Maarten/Roatan).

You lucky things. Have fun planning.

dejags Fri 26-Jan-07 12:40:51

Northstar - not sure the beach would work in SA June - October. Too cold and wet IMO

northstar Fri 26-Jan-07 12:41:16

little hijack........
Dejags are you from sa?

dejags Fri 26-Jan-07 12:41:48

Yup - sitting in a sweltering Cape Town as we speak

How about you?

northstar Fri 26-Jan-07 12:45:44

My db lives in jb, I wasnt sure if you were ct or jo, I was going to ask you stuff about child friendly locations. We are going for my 40th in dec, and all I know is loads of people tell me not to go to Durban and my db wants me to go there.

northstar Fri 26-Jan-07 12:46:44

Because he has a gf there I think. I have been to jb a few times, and alot of the garden route, but that's before kids!

dejags Fri 26-Jan-07 12:48:58

mmm... Durban isn't bad - as long as you steer clear of the urban beaches and the city centre.

Personally wouldn't be my first choice. Tell him that internal flights are now so cheap that his GF can always fly to wherever you are.

CT would be no. 1 choice anyday. There is so much to see and do.

northstar Fri 26-Jan-07 12:51:36

great maybe i will look for you here nearer the time, thanks

julesrose Sun 11-Feb-07 18:55:10

anyone have any good recomendations for hotels - nice and stylish but with a good kids club (3, nearly 4 yr old)

julesrose Sun 11-Feb-07 18:56:08

oops...thinking about Mauritus. (Fairyjay, why were you dissapointed?...It looks like heaven!)

julesrose Sun 11-Feb-07 18:56:21

anyone have any good recomendations for hotels - nice and stylish but with a good kids club (3, nearly 4 yr old)

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