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Best time to visit Florida with 2 year old?

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Anonsad Thu 26-May-16 13:26:46

I've been thinking about booking a beach holiday for 2017 and thought Florida looked like a good option. We can go any time of year, when would you suggest the best time to go in terms of price/ weather?

We were thinking of staying at a resort in Clearwater (maybe the Hyatt), any suggestions would be appreciated on this too. Would you include a visit to Disneyland? I think it's about 3.5 hours from Clearwater, so maybe include a night in Orlando? Again, any suggestions on whether it is worth it for a 2 year old would be appreciated.

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mummymeister Fri 27-May-16 09:21:07

your 2 year old wont give a damn where it is as long as there is something for them to do and that you are giving them your undivided attention. if you want to go then go but at 2 they wont even remember it. you might be better off saving your money and going somewhere in Europe with a kids club or the uk with a bucket and spade.

SantanaBinLorry Fri 27-May-16 09:26:12

Best time? In about ten years when they'll remember/appreciate it!
Another vote ffor short haul/europe.

freshprincess Fri 27-May-16 09:31:49

Clearwater is lovely, but a longish drive from Orlando after and international flight. Don't go when spring break is on though.

It's a long way to go for a beach holiday though.

oldestmumaintheworld Fri 27-May-16 09:32:13

Best time to go? when they are 7. I have taken both my children to Florida every year since they were born because my family live there and I would not go for any other reason.
The flight is 9 hours and with a small child/baby this is vile for all concerned. There is little to do with a small child. Beaches are ok for an hour but don't have shade. Hotels have pools and that's fine for a little while, but there is almost nothing to do with a baby or toddler, You can't take them for a walk in the pushchair because there is nowhere to go that you can walk to. And as for visiting Disney I'd sooner throw myself under a bus.

You would be better to stay at home and holiday in a Center parcs if you want a resort type holiday. If you do decide to go to Florida, go in October/November or April/May. The weather is the kindest for under 5's. then. The only place overseas I would consider with a tiny child is Italy. Italians love families and small children and go out of their way to be helpful.

MrsJayy Fri 27-May-16 09:35:17

Id wait tbh a 9 hour flight is a long way but we have been in may and end of june was very hot and muggy then

Anonsad Fri 27-May-16 10:47:11

Ah, thanks for the responses. Am not too worried about the length of flight (I'm from NZ, so have to cope being able to do long flights with little one). Any suggestions for places in Europe? Beach in resort type place. Totally understand about lack of shade then little to do.

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MrsJayy Fri 27-May-16 10:53:57

The Ballerics is nice we have been to Majorca and Menorca in april was nice but not melting hot

mummymeister Fri 27-May-16 12:39:13

why don't you pick a country you fancy going to then work round it. there are lots of baby friendly holiday companies like Mark Warner with kids clubs and prices depend on the time of year and the place.

also, you might want to avoid the Zika virus.

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