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perfect holiday with 2 year toddler

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api Mon 26-Feb-07 15:37:50

Please help.
Am desperatley after advice for a holiday in april/may/june with my two year old.
Would love a beach place but also a pool/slides/train ridess etc for fun with son. Fabulous food and the option of making my own. Must be able to sunbath or swim while toddler sleeping.

thankyou so much.

boo64 Thu 18-Jan-07 20:44:16


Are you happy to go long haul?

Some of the mid-haul places that might be sunnyish until March would be:
Tunisia (but not hot)

By end of march Cyprus would be ok.

Further afield - perfect weather in the Caribbean - Carlisle Bay has a creche but v expensive. Mauritian cyclone season so can be a little hit and miss.

I do some work as a travel journalist so if you give me a few more clues e.g. on budgets, I can give you some hotel ideas!

api Mon 15-Jan-07 17:46:53

please could anyone advise?
I am looking for a holiday and it needs to meet a million requirements as I am on my own with a toddler and desperate for a break after two years without one.
Must be hot/ have warm sea/ pool for toddler/ fun for toddler/ childcare on hand / fantasic food so I dont have to cook but also maybe a place for me to make snacks/ possibly a little garden outside my room so I can sunbath while toddler is sleeping/ not an en mass hotel/ friendly/ low key/
in next 3 months.
All suggestions will be so welcome please.

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