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Mosquito repellent for kids - any recommendations

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SJane45S Sat 21-May-16 15:59:54

Can anyone recommend any kid friendly products that work?! We're off to Costa Rica in August. It's going to be rainy season and we're spending part of our time in the jungle. I've done research and while I'm less worried (but not oblivious!) about Zika (I'm 46 and my daughter is 8) than Dengue but I want to take pretty sensible precautions about both! I've bought Ultrathon for us grown ups and a 30% deet gel for my daughter along with a repellent to spray on clothes and wrist bands with a natural repellent. I don't want to smother my daughter in deet all day though and use something else after dusk (when supposedly the Zika/dengue bearing mozzies hit the hay!). Has anyone used a non deet product for kids in a tropical climate they'd be happy to recommend? Thanks in advance!

lljkk Sun 22-May-16 19:41:38

Mosiguard was ok for me (had to use it when pregnant).

mummymeister Mon 23-May-16 08:14:21

We went to Belize and I am afraid we did all end up being deeted every day. As well as the repellant make sure you take some good stuff to deal with the bites - antihistamines, anti itch sprays etc. as they were pretty vicious! We did find that wearing the right clothes helped though tough if kids want to wear shorts and t shirts.

SJane45S Mon 23-May-16 10:25:04

Lucky you havvng gone to Belize and I don't blame your kids, I'd like to wear shorts and t-shirts as well mummymeister ( but am resigned to more of a strolling in Marrakech souk look!). Luckily my daughter really doesn't give a monkeys what she wears! Thanks for the advice both - have ordered a bottle of extra strength mosi-guard which I'll trial on me the first evening. Head to toe garb and smelling like toilet bleach possibly isn't the most romantic look for a special 10th wedding anniversary trip but far better safe than sorry!

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