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Boston to Toronto Road Trip

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luellabelle Fri 20-May-16 13:36:57

Thinking of doing a Boston to Toronto road trip next summer with a 14, 7 & 11 year old. We would like 3 days each in Boston and Toronto and will do Niagara Falls but struggling with a route. I quite fancy a 3 night glancing trip somewhere but any suggestions of a nice route taking about a week or so.

NotPennysBoat Fri 20-May-16 20:50:59

We did something similar a few years ago (pre-kids). We did Boston - up through Maine (overnighted in a couple of different places) - Quebec - Montreal - Toronto. Was fab fab fab!

RusholmeRuffian Fri 20-May-16 21:01:49

Go on You can put in various routes and it will tell you all the things to see and do within 30 miles of your route. Might give you some inspiration. Would highly recommend the Maine coast but it 'a not exactly on the way!

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