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Thomson Dreamliner

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madasamarchhare Fri 13-May-16 15:12:55

We are very fortunate to be travelling to Mexico on the new Thomson Dreamliner this year. Does anyone have any experience of this - was it much improved from a normal economy flight? Any seat recommendations or ones to avoid?

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iwillbemrsminty Fri 13-May-16 15:14:42

I haven't but would be very excited if I were you!! envy

DreamingOfTheBeach Fri 13-May-16 19:21:42

Yes we flew to Dominican last year on the dream liner.
It was lovely.
There is a really handy site which shows the best seats etc I'll see if I can find a link for you.
The food was good ( for airplane food)
Each seat has its own tv with lots of films, tv shows and games.
The lighting is lovely and helped on the return flight home for sleeping.
Have a lovely holiday

DreamingOfTheBeach Fri 13-May-16 19:33:06

Seat guru is the site I used to help when booking seats.
Avoid row 30 (if you click on row 30 on seat guru it will explain why)

madasamarchhare Sat 14-May-16 08:42:39

Thank you for your replies. We are all excited and have booked seats. Managed a very reasonable upgrade to extra legroom for only £78 for all 4 of us return! Have booked seats in row 34 on way out and I think row 9 on way home. Are drinks complimentary or payable on flight? That's good to know about the lighting as we return through the night and I always feel like the only one awake in the plane! Hoping I may be able to nod off this time.

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DreamingOfTheBeach Sat 14-May-16 14:54:16

Well done on booking extra room!
All the food and drinks are complimentary and on the return flight we were all given fleece blankets which we still have at home!
You get free headphones for in flight entertainment but we also found the kids own headphones could be connected no problem.

QOD Sat 14-May-16 15:04:26

Just been on 1 for 9 HR flight. The windows aRe nice with the tinting. The ear phones are given out and are 2 pin so though you can no doubt use your own, it'd not be in stereo
Make sure you gather them up and save for return flight.
We weren't told you could keep blankets ?
Food was nice, air quality is supposed to be better but I didn't notice
drinks free and coke cans full size.
Meals V nice
flight back was so empty that we all got a row of 3 each grin

madasamarchhare Sat 14-May-16 22:13:10

Ooh getting more excited now with your info. I doubt we'll be so lucky to get a half empty plane. What a result that was!

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Marmite27 Sat 14-May-16 22:16:15

We were in extra legroom seats two years ago, when belted in, I couldn't touch the seat in front of me! But then I am short (5'2").

madasamarchhare Sun 15-May-16 18:39:37

That's good marmite. Neither of us are tall only 5'5 but thought it was such a bargain any extra room on a long flight is worth it. Counting the days now we do to til July.

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Squiby1976 Fri 20-May-16 22:25:39

Yes we are off to Mexico for 3 rd trip in August. We travel club premium and I have already booked our seats 1 D/E/F both ways. I have t travelled in economy so have only seen seats as we board/disembark. It's a 3/3/3 configuration with a 34'' pitch which is mote generous than both Virgin and BA economy. I would avoid row 10 due to
location of toilets and the fact that from what I've read people stand in the extra space you've paid for, ditto row 30.
Premium get unlimited complimentary drinks and economy started offering a limited complimentary drinks service in economy last year. 2 trolley tuns and drinks with your meals.
With regard to not getting Herman well that's just crap! I had the first jetlag coming home I've ever experienced last time, felt like shite for 4/5 days. It's a better flight than the old 767 fleet but let's be honest unless you get a lie flat bed everyone is goi g to suffer from an 11 hour night flight!

Squiby1976 Fri 20-May-16 22:26:53

Sorry about typos! I'm not illiterate honestly, my nails are too long and are hitting multiple keys on my phone ;)

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