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South Africa in Oct/Nov with 3 year old and baby - recs for hotel in Hout Bay and apartment in Hermanaus?

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SashaKerr Sun 08-May-16 16:01:08

Hi there

We're taking our 3.5 year old and will-be 3 month old to south aftica in October / November for a different experience and some sun.

We like chilled, natural beauty and somewhere with a pool and good with kids. Our last holiday was a Croft in the highlands if that hints at what we're like. We're trying to do it as cheaply as possible so not looking for luxury. My moon on a stick would be to pay between £50-100 a night for accommodation.

We're going to hire a car and think Hout Bay and then Hermanaus would give us a nice mix. My husband has done the garden route a few times but I'm a novice.

We were thinking an air bnb type place with pool around hermanus and then I'd like a hotel in Hout Bay - I love hotel breakfasts and would like the break from washing up!

Any tips would be well received!


turnipturnip Mon 09-May-16 22:03:26

I have no tips on where to stay in Hout Bay or Hermanus. Ive stayed in the area plenty of times but never those towns themselves. My advice would be to book direct with the place you are staying at...the rand is so weak right now you can make huge savings and won't have any middle man to pay. Hout Bay might be pricey as it is desirable location. I would maybe consider Noordhoek which is at the other end of Chapman's Peak Drive and has a stunning beach or maybe more towards False Bay - Muizenburg or Kalk Bay are equally nice but a bit further out from the cape bowl.

Enjoy your trip!

SquirrelledAway Wed 11-May-16 14:21:47

We stayed at the Whale Coast Hotel in Hermanus - very nice apartments over a shopping centre, good value, no pool though.

Have you had a look on

SquirrelledAway Wed 11-May-16 14:23:34

And don't forget the additional requirements for travelling with children to South Africa - you'll need to show birth certificates.

JooLoo Sat 21-May-16 19:44:19

With small kids I'd be self catering. We loved The Tarrogon in Hout Bay. Stayed in the Ivy (so two bedrooms), nice pool, lovely views, playground, duck pond and toy box. Bear in mind pools might still be cold in October though! We booked through I-escape.

AnnaForbes Sun 22-May-16 16:05:46

marking place. We are off to SA for Xmas and I need to get things booked in. No idea where to start though. I want something very family friendly as we have 3 dcs all with different ideas of a good holiday.

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