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Somewhere warm at Easter, what did you enjoy?

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ingeniousidiot Tue 03-May-16 22:44:39

We can only holiday during the school break at Easter and definitely want to go somewhere warm enough for outdoor pools but with plenty to do/visit. We've been to Florida a few times and loved it - all of it - we don't really do the Disney thing. The other constraint is budget - we have a budget including spends of about £3.5k - which is easily doable for a beach hotel holiday I think? but we really need to do stuff and that seems to cost more. Any ideas/experiences or definite no-goes would be fab.

ingeniousidiot Tue 03-May-16 22:45:25

Damn - forgot to say that it's 2 adults and 2 children, age 10 and 12.

nannyafrica Wed 04-May-16 20:15:23

Sri Lanka, you could do a few sighting things,
Sigiriya, Dambulla caves, Kandy Temple and local train ride.
See elephants and Leopards on safari and do the beach thing.
We got direct flights for £450.
Great car and Driver/Guide amazing value.
Cheap hotels on Booking and Agoda.

KateInKorea Mon 09-May-16 06:59:05

Maldives? Jordan I have head good things about and is apparently safe- don't know if this is true.
Gran Canaria? Madeira? Cabo Verde?

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