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Orlando + Beach - how best to structure and how many days?

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rookiemere Sun 10-Apr-16 15:02:52

So we're thinking of doing this next October break as DS now gets two weeks off school.

We've done Florida once before - DS was 7 and had a whale of a time - loved Disney and we spent a couple of days at Universal, did Kennedy Space centre and Gatorworld ( not v exciting). We stayed at Orlando at a condo near to Disney for the full 2 weeks and whilst it was good it was an exhausting holiday.

DS will be 11, so I'm thinking less Disney more Universal this time, we'll maybe do one Disney waterpark and one day at the Magic Kingdom. DH loved KSC so we'll go back there for a day, no interest in SeaWorld and I'm not sure if Busch gardens is worth the trip if we're already doing Universal and Disney. We'd also like some time to chill out at a nice beach (if they are still warm in October?)

Based on that lengthy list of requirements, what do you think is best for us to split up the trip? Is it worth doing a few days of parks, taking a break somewhere else then coming back for the last couple of days? All expert advice welcomed.

hetty74 Mon 11-Apr-16 16:53:18

Bump as we're thinking of doing similar .

budgiegirl Thu 21-Apr-16 07:09:34

We went in October when our eldest was 11, and split our time with 10 days of parks, (8 nights in Orlando, 2 nights in Tampa) and 4 days of beach. We did universal, IOA, seaworld, Aquatica and Busch Gardens. Didn't do Disney as we'd done it before, and my kids are rollercoaster junkies.

It can be hot in October, but iit can also be a bit cooler, we wore jumpers one day in the parks. The staff wore padded jackets, gloves and woolly hats!! For the beach break, I would try to head south if you don't mind the drive, it tends to be a few degrees warmer. Fort Lauderdale in the East Coast is nice if you like city/beach breaks, or the west coast has a more laid back feel - try Naples, Marco Island, Fort Myers Beach, Anna Maria , all have lovely beaches.

rookiemere Fri 22-Apr-16 12:50:19

Thanks budgiegirl - good idea about heading South to get better weather, never think of Orlando as being cold.

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