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Long haul 11 hours with 9 and 6 year olds - tips please

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Talou1 Sat 09-Apr-16 14:12:05

Hi there,
Thinking of going to Costa Rica next Feb for a special birthday, Just wondering if too far for the kids? They have flown a few times but only 2.5hr max. All the tips i see for long haul with kids seem to be aimed at babies and toddlers/pre-schoolers.
Any advice on what to take for entertainment etc would be much appreciated. Out going flights start about 10am so they may be wide awake sad

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AveEldon Sat 09-Apr-16 14:20:35

Books, ipad, ipod. Having their own kids headphones makes a big difference imho. We use JVC ones from Argos/Amazon

Talou1 Sat 09-Apr-16 14:26:08

Thanks Ave. Will check out the headphones.

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UsernamesAreAPainInTheBalls Sat 09-Apr-16 14:26:12

I've taken my ds to Mexico when he was 3.5 and 5 so similar distance and he was honestly fine both times. He had his own backpack to take on the plane with his iPad, some colouring books etc, his headphones, his fleecy blanket thing that he loves and some snacks (cereal bars,fruit winders etc nothing chocolate)
Between those things and the movies on the plane there wasn't a bother on him. Yes it's long but there's so many interruptions for food/drinks and then every toilet visit we had a little wander around the plane to pass the time and we got there in the end grin
It'll be so worth it when you get there I wouldn't even hesitate to go 👌🏽

randomone Sat 09-Apr-16 14:26:18

We took my 2 DC's long haul (8.5hrs) last summer and they were fine. Similar ages to yours. There are loads of movies on offer, they feed you lots. They will watch too much telly but mine don't get loads usually so this was a real bonus for them. I also purchased activity packs in advance which kept them busy for a while. They slept for an hour each, so all in all not too painful!

Yakari Sat 09-Apr-16 14:29:10

With screens that age is a breeze. Make sure you've got headsets, Chargers (many planes have sockets in the seats) and a screen each. Books for take off and landing and as a bit of a break but let them watch as they want.
They should eat the meals - depending on how fussy they are they may be ok with adult choices, but feed them up at the airport anyway.
Think through arrival times and jet lag - they may not sleep much on the flight (mine usual manage an hour or so just before we land which gets us through the airport without too much whinging!)

LonnyVonnyWilsonFrickett Sat 09-Apr-16 14:31:44

Took my 9 yo to Australia last year, was a total breeze. Screens, couple of books, food, naps - done.

tothefareast80 Sat 09-Apr-16 14:39:37

I fly long haul with my now 6 and 8 year olds every year (and have since they were toddlers as we live overseas) and for me it's all about screens, healthy snacks and picking good flight times. I don't always fly overnight as that often means long periods of being awake and can make jetlag worse but on the flight, pretty much anything goes. I let them watch unlimited tv/iPad and they always behave.

Talou1 Sat 09-Apr-16 14:40:10

ooh sounds promising. Think I'll go for it then. Now I need to start saving!! smile

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DessertOrDesert Sat 09-Apr-16 14:49:52

If it's long haul, with your own, dedicated, TV screen, just unlimited screen time at that age. I direct them to a kids zone, and let them loose on the films and games.

AStreetcarNamedBob Sat 09-Apr-16 14:54:25

We did 10 hours to Mexico in February with our 2 and 4 year old.

It was easy... iPads, toys, a few books.

At your kids ages I wouldn't even blink!!

Harriedharriet Sat 09-Apr-16 15:02:46

Have done it quite a few times and I always worry about it and it is always fine! They each have their own bag which includes headphones, drawing stuff, toiletries, a book, a comfy something to wear on board, food/snacks. Mine love preparing the bags and the agreement is that nothing is opened until they get on the plane. They will be fine. Good headphones though, vital.

Talou1 Sat 09-Apr-16 15:30:37

Thanks guys. I'll defo get some headphones. Wouldn't have even thought of that!

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cymrukernow Sat 09-Apr-16 23:02:11

Most long haul flights have a good selection of movies / games. Look them up on the airlines website. The airplane screen kept my 2 occupied for hrs! Also bring what they like, eg pens and paper, football cards, wordsearches.

SJane45S Sun 10-Apr-16 16:39:53

We're off to Costa Rica with an 8 year old in August. It's not something I've really worried about and will be packing I-pad, magazines, sticker books etc. Even if she gets bored, it can't be anything like as bad as taking my eldest DS out to the Caribean at 6 months where she spent most of the flight vomiting! Only thing I'd add to the wise advice above is travel sickness pills and a change of clothes for potential spillages (my youngest DS has soaked herself I'm juice twice on planes!). Have fun - am really looking forward to it myself!

Nospringflower Sun 10-Apr-16 16:51:49

Agree with everyone about taking electronics and earphones but I would say the airline you go with makes a huge difference for the quality of seats, food/drinks, and inflight entertainment. Emirates have been great, Singapore airlines as well. Qatar Air wasn't so good.

SJane45S Sun 10-Apr-16 19:47:12

When we booked for Costa Rica 6 months ago Nospringflower it only seemed to be BA and Thomson who flew direct - otherwise it was the hell of a US stopover and queuing in immigration with a knackered kid and stressed out DH! We're going BA - it was cheaper than Thomson when we booked (but we did book as soon as the flights were released!)

dizzytomato Sun 10-Apr-16 20:01:33

Films, phones/games and sleep. Even babies and toddlers don't need half the crap people bring.

We live in Brazil, we rarely do anything but long haul. I have 4 children aged between 3 and 13.

Nospringflower Sun 10-Apr-16 20:29:14

BA sounds great - I've just ever flown longhaul with them. Sounds much better than Thomsons so bargain too.

Hulababy Sun 10-Apr-16 20:35:37

We took dd to begs aged 8 - 13 hours. And she had done Florida a few times from age 2y upwards - 11 hour flight.

Dd has always loved films - it's we favourite part of long haul travel; non stop films to watch all journey through.

She also takes her iPad and kindle but tbh she just watched the screen in front of her! When smaller we took colouring and small toys but they didn't get used much.

Hulababy Sun 10-Apr-16 20:37:37

Some decent comfortable headphones are a must.

neolara Sun 10-Apr-16 20:38:38

It'll be fine. Just get your head round the fact your dcs will probably watch one weeks worth of TV in 10 hours. They will be overjoyed at the opportunity. Costa Rica is amazing. We got engaged on a beach there. Happy days.....

EdithSimcox Sun 10-Apr-16 20:43:03

Same here. 3 DC, multiple trips to Australia and New Zealand (26 hours +++). From the age of 3 upwards it has been easy. Just forget any notion of telling them they should sleep (or whatever), allow the TV (ALL the time), and get comfy headphones they are used to wearing. You get to sleep, read, watch films, and they will remember the flights as the best part of the holiday!

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