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Last safe moment for pregnant woman to fly to the sun...!

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Saturn74 Sun 11-Mar-07 18:48:12

When I saw the title I thought this was some doom-laden thread about global warming and how all pregnant women were being shuttled off to a space station.
Hope you have a lovely holiday, though.

PestoMonster Sun 11-Mar-07 18:29:32

I returned at 26 weeks from Durban, South Africa. I was pg with dd1. It was lovely to have a last sunny holiday with dh. I even managed to do a last bit of surfing!

katylou25 Mon 08-Jan-07 13:43:07

We went to greece when I was 24 weeks with DS1 - was fab! - Weather was great, really sunny and warm but not too hot - was right time to go as well - Much sooner and I was still being sick and not had much energy etc, and they only let you fly to 29 weeks without letter from Dr which I wouldn't have got cos baby too big, so couldn't guarantee not having early labour.

Would definately say between 20 and 26ish weeks best time to go as that was when I felt really well, had loads of energy etc.

MissusC Mon 08-Jan-07 12:45:32

I am due to drop 19th July. DH and I desperate for one last, child-free, lazy, sun-guaranteed holiday a deux. Any advice on destination/best dates gratefully received!! Thanks.


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