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HerbieRidesAgain Tue 22-Mar-16 22:20:49

DH has just paid the deposit on our annual holiday. We are going to Mauritius, in November/December for 2 weeks smile only 249 days to wait grin
Anybody been to Mauritius and have any 'must do' tips? Please and thanks

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mouldycheesefan Thu 24-Mar-16 13:03:21

Yes, took our five year olds. Had a great time.
Lots to see on the island, can get taxis or organised trips. Casela nature park is good for kids. We did a day trip where we did that combined with other highlights of the island like the Hindu temple, black river gorge etc. We find it interesting just driving around looking out the window!
Great beaches although snorkelling was very poor. Did see wild dolphins both at hotel and on boat trip,
Visited capital city, they do have a world heritage site there which was closed for renovations when we were there.
Did lots of relaxing at fabulous hotel, food was FAB, service was outstanding, hotel was wonderful, spa was lovely, beautiful nature reserve in hot grounds feeding giant tortoises etc, loads of facilities
Throughly recommend it. Journey is long, go with Emirates for best experience.
Relax and enjoy!

Trickydecision Wed 30-Mar-16 08:43:41

Do not miss the giant tortoises at the Crocodile Park. They wander freely around and do not need fences because they stay in the area where their food is strewn. You can walk amongst them; there are lots, but be prepared for a great deal of very raucous mating. Well the males are raucous, the females look bored and munch ther lettuce.

mouldycheesefan Wed 30-Mar-16 20:35:28

Many of the hotels also have giant tortoise areas and you can feed them with apples on sticks

Trickydecision Fri 01-Apr-16 00:25:23

Yes Mouldy, some hotels do, like the wonderful Maritim where we stayed on our second holiday in Mauritius, but not all, and it would be a great shame not to see these amazing creatures.

momb Fri 01-Apr-16 18:05:14

The resort hotels vary widely and the most expensive isn't necessarily the most luxurious (but may have amazing water sports for example). Pick one to suit you and read between the lines on the hotel blurb. Check reviews. The all inclusive food is largely buffets and vary enormously between hotels.
I go there for business and stay in several over a 2 week period every couple of years. It's a small island so actually not that much to see (port, temple, couple of wildlife parks) and they are protective of the wildlife they have because in such a small place it could be destroyed so easily: the fines are hefty for going on to the wildlife preserve island off the east coast for example, although the boats will take you to the beach.
If you are headed to the south you can swim with dolphins and it's worth taking a boat out further to visit some of the more out of the way beaches.
Tip well at reception when you leave, and mention particularly good staff by name: there is no need to tip for each meal if you are based at one hotel/going for the full board/all inclusive options.
Try to work out the difference between 'Mauritian' and 'tourist' for a more authentic experience: crocodiles, for example, are not native to Mauritius, and a park which breeds them for handbags and meat for the restaurant isn't a reserve...but the restaurant is good and it's an opportunity to try something new: just be aware that it isn't Mauritian per se if that is important to you.
If you are going for a lazy relaxing time then it will be perfect for you. The service is fantastic: if you have any problem at all tell someone and they will move heaven and earthy to fix it really quickly.

Blu Fri 01-Apr-16 18:21:02

You will almost certainly enjoy just flopping out on the beach - which hotel are you going to? Taking kids? What sort of thing do you like doing?

There is loads of good zip lining and quad biking, watersports. Definitely worth seeing some of the more inland areas - Black River National Park, and you can do hiking trails there, but it takes a little working out - I can offer some advice on that if you like.

The temple at Grand Bassin is worth a look, a day trip to Isle aux Cerfs, perhaps, Blue Bay for snorkelling and a glass bottom boat trip - it is a marine reserve and there are a few turtles in the bay.

The public beaches are fun - Flic en Flac, or Mont Choisy in the North, and there are bans selling fantastic food for very little money: small mild samosas, rotis and 'dholl puri' -rotis stuffed with chick peas and served with veg curry. It is safe and hygienic to eat from these vans and stalls.

Pamplemousses, the botanical gardens, is lovely.

Casela is good - the restaurant is good and has ovely views, but if you care at all about animal welfare, avoid the 'Walking with Lions'. There is also campaigning about the dolphin trips from Tamarin Bay, especially the 'swimming with dolphins' as the creatures are chased and harassed by boats as they come into the bay to feed.

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