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East Coast Australia

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baddabingbaddabong Sat 12-Mar-16 17:14:56

Planning a trip with DH. Have the beginning and end sorted but not sure what to do in a bit in the middle!

We're starting in Sydney, then flying up the coast to Hervey Bay and doing some island trips, then travelling down through Noosa to Brisbane. Eventually we'll end up back in Sydney for a bit longer.

Between Brisbane and Sydney we have 4 days/3nights and a hire car. Places we think we would like to see are Gold Coast, Byron Bay and the Hunter Valley. Are these each worth a night each? Are the theme parks at Gold Coast any good? (We've recently been to Orlando so the bar is set quite high!)

We're mid 30s, no DC but TTC currently (possibly pregnant by the time of the trip), equally happy relaxing or sightseeing. I'm open to any suggestions!

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KP86 Sat 12-Mar-16 17:34:35

One night in each of those places won't get you much. There is too much to see and do! The theme parks are good, but it's a full day trip. Pick one (I like Dreamworld or Movie World) and go for it. Gold Coast at night isn't spectacular, it's a bit tacky really.

Since you only have three nights, I would probably skip the Gold Coast and spend two nights in Byron and then one night in HV. See if you can do an organised winery tour, but that won't be fun if you are pregnant.

janaus Tue 06-Sep-16 14:32:03

Gold Coast is too touristy and gimmicky. Prefer Sunshine Coast and Noosa.

Closer to Sydney are the Blue Mountains. Would recommend a trip there for at least 2 days.

East coast is lovely.

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