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The best place to get malaria tablets.

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nativityhelp Mon 29-Feb-16 15:25:09

My daughter is going to Uganda in June and I'm trying (for once in my life) to be organised. The travel nurse told us that Malarone is the better tablet to take and it can be sourced cheaper if you shop around. I've had a google but haven't come up with much. Any suggestions gratefully received. Thank you.

mummymeister Mon 29-Feb-16 15:38:19

to be honest I would only ever get them from somewhere like boots or other high street reputable chemist. if somethings on line you don't really know if it is the real deal or not and getting malaria is a life long thing. sorry, I just wouldn't take the risk. in the grand scale of the cost of the tablets/cost of the trip the difference will be minimal.

NickMyLipple Mon 29-Feb-16 15:39:39

I got mine from a private travel clinic at a GP surgery.

Tactfulcactus Mon 29-Feb-16 15:42:22

I got them from the Asda pharmacy - much cheaper than anywhere else other than online.

AliciaMayEmory Mon 29-Feb-16 15:42:36

GP, pharmacist or travel clinic. I'd never purchase medication from an unknown internet source. I think that in this case with it being more than just a paracetamol or other minor ailment treatment I would not worry about getting it as cheap as possible.

Hope you get it sorted and have a lovely holiday.

BreakingDad77 Mon 29-Feb-16 15:53:44

As others have posted get them from the high street, I would advise against getting them in country. Malarone can also be used as treatment as well, yes you can still get it even if you taking tablets.

Remember you need couple days before and think at least a week after you get back (nurse will clarify).

Get a net! Where she going to be staying?

nannyafrica Thu 03-Mar-16 20:30:55

We just got ours from Superdrug online. No need to see doctor you answer a few questions online and it goes to one of their doctors. They were in the post the next day.

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