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Traveling to New York with my 17 year old without her Dad

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sn0wdr0p4 Sun 21-Feb-16 10:08:40

Next summer me and my 17 year old daughter are going to New York for my older daughter's (her half sister's) wedding. Her Dad, my partner, is not coming with us.
I understand I will need a letter from him giving permission for her to travel. I have read that a letter is sufficient but it is better to get it notarized which would cost £180!
Has anybody been in this situation? What documentation did you take? Did you encounter any problems?

littleblackno Sun 21-Feb-16 10:11:17

Surely if she's 17 she can travel on her own and doesn't need permission?
I've taken my kids (with different surname to me) out of the country a few times (Not to US) and never been asked for anything.

GloryGrant Sun 21-Feb-16 10:11:59

Why do you need permission?

VimFuego101 Sun 21-Feb-16 10:13:06

Won't she be 18 by then and not need anyone's permission? I wouldn't worry about getting it notarized, she is old enough to explain the situation and convince them that she's not being kidnapped (although a notarized doc is probably appropriate for younger kids with divorced parents).

ImperialBlether Sun 21-Feb-16 10:13:38

I've never been asked for permission and, besides, she's 17!

JeanSeberg Sun 21-Feb-16 10:13:58

I've never heard of this on anywhere but mumsnet and have travelled alone with my kids several times a year, as has their dad, my ex.

GloryGrant Sun 21-Feb-16 10:15:54

I've travelled alone (including to the US) with my children many times.

Am I missing something? I don't get why you'd need permission.

confusedalways Sun 21-Feb-16 10:20:09

I went on holiday at 17 without my family. Pretty certain you won't need a letter at all.

sn0wdr0p4 Sun 21-Feb-16 10:27:24

I have traveled with her on my own in Europe several times and never encountered any problems(though I did carry her birth certificate as we have different surnames) But they seem very hot on this going to US.
She will be 17 at time of travel.
I am going to be very nervous anyway as I've never flown before and probably never would if my daughter hadn't decided to get married in New York!! I don't want to add to my stress worrying that I don't have the right documentation.

Borderterrierpuppy Sun 21-Feb-16 10:45:14

It's fine I have been in and out of US many times with my lot none of whom share my surname, from babies to teens and never a problem .

GloryGrant Sun 21-Feb-16 10:45:49

Well, I wouldn't worry.

She's going to have her ESTA and her passport - it will be fine.

Footle Sun 21-Feb-16 10:49:01

Possibly off topic, but could you have a short flight with your husband, quite soon , maybe for a weekend in Barcelona or something ? It should help you feel more relaxed about the wedding journey.

Cel982 Sun 21-Feb-16 10:53:13

I flew to NY on my own at 17. She's old enough to travel independently so it really won't be an issue.

bigTillyMint Sun 21-Feb-16 10:53:30

I went to NYC with my DD(16) last October. We didn't encounter any problems - she has her own passport and ESTA, we do have the same surname, but I'm not sure it's an issue at this age? Take the birth cert and a letter if you find it reassuring.

Immigration is quite thorough there - they take all your fingerprints and a photo IIRC (even if you are just transiting) but we got through very quickly and the staff were very friendly.

Who are you flying with? The journey seemed really quick (having been to NZ and back in the summer) and we slept the whole of the return flight!

How exciting - NYC is fabulous, and you have your DD's wedding!

sn0wdr0p4 Sun 21-Feb-16 10:58:42

Thanks everybody for your input you have put my mind at ease. I'm afraid I am a bit of a worrier with a tendency to overthink things.
I shall try and concentrate on the wedding planning.

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