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Best place to find cheap flights to Durban?

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CantWaitForTheSnow Wed 27-Dec-06 21:49:50

Can anyone recommend where to search for cheap flights to Durban, we are hoping to go this summer. Have already tried and ebookers. Any others I should try?

Belo Wed 03-Jan-07 21:27:54

If you want to go BA the BA website often ends up cheaper. Its good 'cos the different days are colour coded by price and you can choose your outbound and return flight seperatly so that you can get the cheapest price.

We're going to Durban in a couple of weeks but are going via J'Berg as flights are a lot cheaper. We're then taking an internal flight to Durban with (spelling?) for about £15 each. Kulula are owned by ComAir so they're not a dodgy airline (in theory).


thirtysomething Sat 13-Jan-07 09:16:20

Try Dial-a-flight tel. 07071 333 333. We have just been to Cape Town with them and they were way cheaper than ny other company expedia included. My advice would be to find the cheapest offer elsewhere 9Trailfinders etc.) then phone dial-a-flight, knock £50 off and they will price match it! If you do book with them double-check seat allocation with the airline though as we were re-assigned different (less nice!) seats after we booked by the airline.

PestoMonster Sun 11-Mar-07 18:27:49

Try Travelmood.

moondog Sun 11-Mar-07 18:44:22


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