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My son wants to travel to USA touring playing guitar

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Geehutchy Wed 27-Jan-16 08:56:00

Hi there, I'm a completely new member. If joined to ask for your help.
I know my sons are 17 ( taking a levels) and 23 ( who is a primary school teacher).
As well as dealing with a boy sorry young man taking A levels my other son who is a teacher has just announced he's off in the summer to USA.To learn more about their music he wants to travel to different states playing his guitar.
I know it sounds strange to some that we are so worried about a young man who is fleeing his nest, but he has been to uni played in a band which was quite successful and now wants to travel alone not knowing anyone out there.
Our big concern is that when he was at uni he suffered very bad depression, he's a brilliant guitarist (this has come by so many that have seen him play) but has low confidence off stage. Gosh we are so worried please someone help us.

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Ubik1 Wed 27-Jan-16 08:58:05

It sounds like a brilliant idea. Good for him. smile

VeryPunny Wed 27-Jan-16 09:00:44

If he's playing for money he MUST make sure he's got an appropriate visa, if needed. If he gets that wrong he may find himself deported and unable to easily enter the USA in future. Apart from that, sounds great!

VoyageOfDad Wed 27-Jan-16 09:04:28

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

RusholmeRuffian Wed 27-Jan-16 10:24:08

I went travelling across the USA when I was 18 and it was brilliant. He will have the time of his life!

specialsubject Wed 27-Jan-16 14:53:14

without the right visa he's unlikely even to get on the plane at Heathrow, and certainly won't get into the States. So that's the first thing to look into.

otherwise; travel insurance, enough money, common sense (Remember the gun situation) - and good luck to him.

GraceKellysLeftArm Wed 27-Jan-16 14:59:22

Wonderful! What a splendid adventure - I take it he's heading off to Memphis?

Geehutchy Wed 27-Jan-16 16:55:43

Wow this will make me and my wife feel so much better thanks guys

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AttilaTheMeerkat Wed 27-Jan-16 18:34:29

Has he thought this through at all properly?. This could really have disaster written all over it.

Without the right visa he will not be admitted particularly in the event he is going to play the guitar to support his own self. Who would he want to meet?. How is he going to fund his travels and will he have his job to come back to?.

Geehutchy Wed 27-Jan-16 18:57:42

Well yes there is the visa issue which we will sort out , he is funding himself from saving for it and he is a teacher of an outstanding school , so on return he will be returning to same school or going with agency as they have said so many schools ask for him by name from when he was doing agency work both state and public. He has covered most of this but are more thinking of finding out if someone has contacts we can use for his accomodation and not a free by just safe

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AttilaTheMeerkat Wed 27-Jan-16 19:05:47

I presume he is able to sort out his visa issues via the US embassy because the authorities could certainly be interested in how he is going to support himself.

How long does he intend to stay in the US for?.

What sort of accommodation is he looking at; hotels?. How will he travel around?. Who does he want to play his guitar to and in what type of setting, what styles of music on his guitar does he play?.

There's all sorts of stuff to be considered here.

Geehutchy Thu 28-Jan-16 09:34:25

Thank you so much for all this advice we are putting it all use. The more we know from this thread the better and safer his experience will be.

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claraschu Thu 28-Jan-16 09:44:10

Is he just going for the summer? If he is only going for what looks like a holiday and doesn't have any work lined up, I doubt that he would need (or be able to get) a work visa.

If he then plays on an ad hoc basis at some clubs, he might just get paid cash, off the books. If he is looking for real work, or a longer term job playing somewhere, that is a completely different story, I would think.

Sounds like an incredible adventure, and Americans are friendly, especially to charming, cool young men with British accents and guitars!

PitilessYank Thu 28-Jan-16 10:09:47

I live in the US and have hosted international visitors via the "Couchsurfing" website. Mention it to him? I have also used the site when travelling and have had some great experiences.

PM me if you like and he can stay with us if he comes to our area.

PitilessYank Thu 28-Jan-16 10:11:39

Unless he is applying for regular employment, no one will be checking for a work visa or the like at open mic nights or small clubs.

specialsubject Thu 28-Jan-16 10:26:37

no, they don't need to - without the right visa he won't be there because immigration will have sent him right back on the next plane.

turning up young and with a guitar over his shoulder will produce some questions on the lines of 'how will you be supporting yourself? Do you have a return ticket? Do you have the right to work in the USA or a BIG pile of money?'

so he needs the correct answers to those. And the right travel insurance to match - normal holiday insurance won't be valid if he's working.

it's all perfectly solvable but it needs to be done.

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