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Nyc end March via amsterdam

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GoMommaItsaBargain Sun 17-Jan-16 22:24:21

We are heading to nyc at the end of March (via Amsterdam) , I have 3dc, age 8 , 5 and almost 2, obvs the youngest still in buggy (walks a lot but needs buggy for busy areas/naps etc) , I have a babyzen yoyo but the toddler is over the weight limit by 2kg and he fills seat, looks comfy enough though and has napped well in it, I'm just worried in another two months how much bigger he will be! I like idea of having the buggy with me all the time (obv as can carry it on plane due to tiny fold) and he is highly likely to have sleeps at random times with the time diff/excitement of travelling etc so feel it would be useful not to have to check in a larger stroller type buggy. Has anyone done this journey with this age dc and can advise re what type buggy most useful, the 5 yr old is a tough cookie but has far less stamina tha her big sis and I can see dh hav g to help her along if tired and me with toddler would struggle if buggy has been checked in, I'm not able to carry him far. feel as though a maclaren type buggy with buggy board be more use for trekking about City and museums etc but am worried about the airport/sleeping huge two yr old! Should I just take the babyzen? Unless he has massive growth sprout should be ok even if he's abit over weight limit? Just want take right kit so we have no hassle from that point of view!

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