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INDIA holiday wardrobe for me and 14yo dd??

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NoonarAgain Sat 16-Jan-16 10:18:11

I've also posted in 'style and beauty' as i wasn't sure where to put this...

I need inspiration for my holiday wardrobe for me and dd1, who is 14. (my younger dd is 11 and very small and will still happily wear traditional summer dresses.)

dd1 is 14 and more tricky. she would usually wear short skirts and crop tops which are an obvious no no!! at home sh'e currently surgically attached to nikes, hoody and black jeans (not my choice!!)

she has agreed to wear those floaty traveller trousers- but i'm wondering if they would be too hot. I'm also thinking gyspy /ethnic style maxi skirt with t shirts. however, this is also what i'm planning to wear so i know she won't want to look like a 'mini-me' Lol! she SAYS she won't do long skirts but if the trousers are too hot, what then?

any suggestions?

(ps i gather it will be average of 30 degrees. does anyone know how how it feel in India at that time compared to Greece or Turkey in august?)

mathsy Sat 16-Jan-16 10:31:19

I've been to India twice in August and basically lived in linen trousers. Great if it's really hot as they're thin and great if it rains as they dry quickly. I wore vest tops and thin scarfs so I could cover my arms/shoulders/ head if necessary. Where/when are you going?

NoonarAgain Sat 16-Jan-16 11:12:05

thanks. we are going end march/ beginning april. we were in greece last august and found cotton long trousers too hot...

mathsy Sat 16-Jan-16 11:36:47

Are you going to a city or touristy place? If it's a hotel full of other westerners you could probably get away with anything . If it's Delhi you most certainly have to be covered up if you don't want constant attention/bothering in the streets.

NoonarAgain Sat 16-Jan-16 11:45:45

we are touring in golden triangle/ Dehli/ Rajasthan then Goa!

specialsubject Sat 16-Jan-16 19:31:59

basically it is just tough if you find it too hot (I've been to a couple of places like this, although not India, and here's to aircon). You have to be covered up in places where it is customary.

if it is humid (not sure but quite possible) then 30 degrees feels REALLY hot, don't expect to do too much. Greece in that with a breeze is much more tolerable.

PolovesTubbyCustard Tue 19-Jan-16 12:37:24

It's many yeas since I was in India - but went in Feb/March and it was hot, but not unbearably so.

I wore a combo of floaty cover up skirts and short sleeved tshirts when touring, on train and in cities. But in the beach resort in Goa just bikinis and beach wear.

The harem pants will be fine. I doubt they will be too hot as they are loose.

it really is best to cover up a little when in cities and towns - as the stares and touching can be a bit too much. I was 22 and found it a bit weird- but 14 yo might be more freaked out by it.

She could just take the bare minimum and then shop in the local markets etc for some travel clothes. Floaty skirts, shirts etc.

Seriouslyffs Tue 19-Jan-16 12:57:55

As Poloves she'll quickly cover up due to the perving. angry sad
No cleavage, no knees.

YouthHostellingWithChrisEubank Tue 19-Jan-16 13:01:00

When I went I lived in salwar kameez. Extremely cool and comfy and cover everything. You can get them made very quickly and cheaply.

Seriouslyffs Tue 19-Jan-16 13:10:35

yy Shalwar kameez are fantastic. You feel a bit of a plonker if (like me) you're pink and blonde but they do signal the right 'I'm a respectful traveller vibe' fuck off men

marcopront Sun 24-Jan-16 15:55:44

In Goa she can get probably get away with shorts. Do you know where in Goa you will be?

Sawar Kameez are easy to wear and you can buy them ready made. They will not always cover everything, they can be short sleeved. Be careful with floaty skirts they may be petticoats for wearing with a sari.

This is a good shop for buying clothes Buying in a shop might be less fun than a market, but it will be fixed price, there will be fitting rooms and there will be less pressure to buy things you don't want.

Golden triangle area is very touristy so attitudes are more flexible.

I live in Mumbai, I normally wear Sawar Kameez, or skirt/leggings and long t shirt. My 9 year old wears shorts most of the time.

pashmina696 Sat 13-Feb-16 21:54:40

I have been to all the places your travelling to in march - with the heat in India wearing thin cotton or linen trousers is very comfortable, nothing synthetic, with a t shirt or vest top is fine in goa, where it will be hot, and i would suggest picking up some kurtas (long sleeved thin cotton or linen tops) tops at the markets when your are there or fabIndia is brilliant for these too, and its so much cheaper than here. when we were in the north it was a lot cooler than Goa, seem to recall is was only about 18c when we were in delhi in march, and agra and jaipur were warmer but only mid 20s. enjoy!

ChopsticksandChilliCrab Sun 28-Feb-16 15:37:34

India can be quite cool in March. I needed a fleece in the evenings if we were sitting outside.

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