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Thailand, Feb Half Term - pros and cons?

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Blu Sun 10-Jan-16 19:19:35

I know nothing about holidays in Thailand.
Would it be a bad bet for a week in Feb? Flight too long? Not a good weather time?
If I could get a v cheap deal?

ShanghaiDiva Mon 11-Jan-16 04:05:33

Have been in feb and weather was great. Make sure you avoid Chinese New Year as this will be busy and prices may have gone up. It 's a very popular destination from China.

KeyserSophie Mon 11-Jan-16 04:18:18

FYI, Chinese New year is week of 8th Feb. All the schools are off in HK and (i think) also Singapore so it will be busy and expensive as a lot of expats (us included) will be heading over for some sun.

KeyserSophie Mon 11-Jan-16 04:22:35

Also, the weather varies by destination so, for example, Phuket and Koh Samui have different times when its better to go (drier). However, both pretty ok in Feb - just not peak season for either. Koh may be a bit windy on the south coast.

If I'm honest, I would consider the flight too long from UK for a week, as the jet lag can be bad- takes my kids a week to fully get over a UK-Asia flight (but Asia-UK is usually no problem so they'd be ok for school). However, if they're young, you may not get the relaxing break you were hoping for.

Bambooshoots14 Mon 11-Jan-16 04:54:19

I'm here in Khao Lak now and it's amazing. We got a direct flight to Phuket which was 10.5 hours.

It's boiling today. 37 degrees ish but we're living in the pool so 1yo ds is fine. No idea about Feb weather I'm afraid

Eastpoint Mon 11-Jan-16 05:43:15

I think the time difference is too great for a one week holiday. What about Mauritius? Tthat's only 4 hours.

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