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Advice on Toronto please

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Givenupontidying Sat 14-Nov-15 08:33:00

We are heading to Toronto next year (with three children 8,6 and 4 so space to run about nearby would be god), and trying to book accommodation. We have found two places that we like - one in Leslieville and one at the waterfront near Fort York.

I wondered whether anyone has any experience of staying in either area - in particular, if there are practical things like supermarkets available. We won't have a car, so it would be good to know that we could pick up groceries easily.

It looks like Leslieville might easier for shopping, but the apartment there has the host family living below, so that is slightly putting us off.

Any thoughts on either area would be very helpful. Thanks.

nmg85 Sat 14-Nov-15 13:51:12

Why don't you search on google maps for supermarkets if this is important. What else do you want to do in Toronto? That is always what I use to decide on location.

Givenupontidying Sun 15-Nov-15 20:59:45

Thanks - I did but its sometimes hard to tell how big they are (e.g. just a corner shop, or somewhere you can do a decent grocery shop.

We are going to be there for three weeks, so there are loads of things we want to do, but happy to travel about - I see that public transport is really quite cheap.

Its really hard to find good accommodation for 5 people - without going up to the next price bracket which is a bit over budget (but you at least get three bed rooms).

Just looking for general advice on good neighbourhoods to try, and if anyone knows much about Leslieville.

OldBeanbagz Mon 23-Nov-15 14:51:59

Have you tried Google steetview to see what size the shops are? Have you asked the host family? You may even be able to get groceries delivered.

torontonian Thu 03-Dec-15 06:24:32

Hi Givenupontidying. It would be a pleasure to give you advice, but please let me ask you what your plans are:
- What time of the year are you coming?
- I assume you are cooking? That's why you need supermarkets, but not restaurants nearby?
- Do you have any plans on places to visit?
- You won't have a car, but are you planning on using transit/walking/biking?
- Is this a visit to see places around town/shopping/cultural?
- Any plans for the kids?

torontonian Thu 03-Dec-15 06:36:08

By the way, some general information:

Kids under 12 travel for free. Tokens (prepaid fare) are $2.80. If you pay "on site", be prepared to pay $3.00 cash, change is not given.
You might be interested in checking the day and weekly passes: Day passes are valid for 2 adults (plus kids) on holidays and weekends.

Toronto cold goes from November to April. April to August, it rains quite often.

Niagara Falls is 90km away. There are buses from Toronto and it could be a one day trip. There are parks everywhere, so kids will have plenty of space to run and play. The waterfront is a very good place for it (ice skating in winter, concerts in summer, lots of activities for kids). I would say Leslieville is good to invest in real estate and summer patios ;)

Hmmm I really miss the waterfront... living a bit more east of Leslieville now and getting to the city core takes a while. I used to walk to a lot of places when in the waterfront, plus daily walks by the lake smile

Could you say what is the major intersection for the waterfront location? If you go west of Exhibition place, there is not much over there. Bathurst to York is quite nice, with the ferry to Toronto Island if you come in summer...

torontonian Thu 03-Dec-15 06:36:56

Sorry, transit fare goes up in the new year to $3.25 I believe.

Wistfulthinking Thu 03-Dec-15 06:44:20

Hi Given

My DH is from Toronto and has friends in Leslieville with young families (a popular place to buy) and it is a really nice family friendly area. It has parks, family friendly restaurants, bars, grocery shops mainly to be found on queen street. It is also close to the Beaches which is a lovely neighbourhood to spend time in too.

Public transport is good too as there is a street car on Queen Street that will take you to the Beaches or downtown to the Eaton Centre and shopping area.

DH considers Fort York to be a less nice place today. If you have time we love to visit Toronto Island, Niagara on the lake, Distillary district and St Lawrence market.

Have a lovely time!

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