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Pretoria with a 1 YO in February 2016

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TravellingBee Thu 12-Nov-15 16:56:11

Hi there. I need to go to Pretoria for a week with work in February 2016. My DS will be 15 months by then. I could leave him with DH (and nursery) here in the UK, but it seems a long time to be apart (2 nights was tough on me and DS) and it's a chance to travel while DS still flies free, so DH and DS hoping to come with me.

I have 2 questions:

- Google does not give the best impression of Pretoria. Am I mad to go there with a young child? (We will be staying a fairly nice hotel, I expect.) My understanding is that South Africa can be dodgy, but you just need to take sensible precautions.

- What sort of things are there for families to do during the day?

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