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Hong Kong hotel help?

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AuldReekieCreakymemory Fri 06-Nov-15 21:04:41

Just that really!

I'm planning to pass through Hong Kong for 2-3 nights in late April/early May next year and I've been boggling at the sheer number of hotel options available and wondered if anyone had any suggestions?

It will be for my husband and I (first stop on honeymoon!) and we'd like mid-range price-wise, up to perhaps £150 a night, and we err towards modern and funky rather than old/grand....a great view (of the harbour?) would always go down well but apart from that no other requirements really.

So - thoughts?

Thank you in advance! grin

Iwasworried Fri 06-Nov-15 21:10:51

Hiya, I've just got back from Hong Kong. A couple of ideas ...

It may not be grand enough for a first honeymoon night, but this time I stayed at the Park Hotel in Kowloon - conveniently situated, very good service and lovely staff, spacious comfortable rooms and they give you a smartphone on loan for the duration of your stay so you can use Googlemaps, mobile data, make calls, etc - for free. (Am not on commission, honest - was just v impressed with the place)

On a more luxe note - if you can afford it, stay at the Ritz Carlton - absolutely amazing place, great views, and the pool is the highest in the world - the most incredible place I've ever swum.

Iwasworried Fri 06-Nov-15 21:12:43

PS. If you don't stay at the Ritz Carlton, pay £60 for a day pass to the pool and gym - it's worth it, I promise. If you go late morning on a weekday you may find you've got the pool almost all to yourself. Amazes me that more visitors to HK don't know about it. Best views in town.

AuldReekieCreakymemory Fri 06-Nov-15 21:36:48

Ooooh that pool looks pretty amazing grin and I'm a sucker for a great swimming pool - thank you for the £60 tip - cunning!

The Ritz Carlton would be top-end budget but it does look special...

Iwasworried Fri 06-Nov-15 21:48:24

It's a real once-in-a-lifetime place. smile

I can bore on about HK for days so I'll try and restrain myself. But one more thing: do, do make time to go to the beach. HK has amazing beaches, and greenery. I'd suggest the best one if you have time would be either the Dragon's Back trail ending at Shek-O beach, or get the ferry to Lamma and walk from one side of the island to the other, stopping at one of the several beaches en route.
If no time for that, then Stanley beach is nice, as is Repulse Bay.
(all the above-mentioned beaches have shark netting btw grin )

AuldReekieCreakymemory Sat 07-Nov-15 09:38:10

That sounds lovely - I hadn't really associated Hong Kong with beaches for some reason?

If you want to bore on please do! I would love to hear your thoughts; I know almost nothing about Hong Kong and would hate to miss interesting/fun/beautiful things....I will of course be buying and poring over the appropriate Lonely Planet but personal recommendations are always better!

We love historical buildings, temples, markets, boat trips, that kind of thing...

Thank you!

Iwasworried Sat 07-Nov-15 16:41:15

No, most people don't - but something like three quarters of the total area is green, amazingly! That's partly why it's so high rise I think - they just don't do sprawling suburbs. It's either skyscrapers or countryside, v little in between.

Lots of all of the things you like smile
Temple Street night market and the Jade market are both good.
There are lots of Tin Hau temple everywhere (the goddess of the sea - Hong Kong's patron saint, basically).
The big Buddha on Lantau island - the cable car is the best way to get there but do pre book because the queues are immense.
Transport is fantastic and dead easy if you get an Octopus card - it's just like the Oyster card in London.
Get a tram or two, they're great fun. Get on at the back, off at the front. Swipe your Octopus card when you exit to pay.
Peak tram is worth it but expect to queue for half an hour, no pre booking sadly. Do the Victoria Peak walk or the Lugard Rd circular walk while you're up there, for amazing views.

Iwasworried Sat 07-Nov-15 16:47:09

Boat trips - the Star ferry across the harbour to / from HK island is a must of course. And there are loads of ferries to other bits of HK - it comprises 260 Islands after all... As I mentioned above, Lamma is partic worth visiting, it's got a Caribbean - style chilled atmosphere, no high rises, nice beaches and walks.
Bus no 6 from Exchange Sq bus station in Central is the scenic route to Repulse Bay and Stanley, amazing views.
If you have time, Aberdeen is worth visiting for the crazy floating restaurant and traditional fishing boats in the typhoon shelter.

Iwasworried Sat 07-Nov-15 16:48:07

... Those are some top tips, any questions do just ask smile Really hope you have a great time!

FuzzyWizard Sat 07-Nov-15 21:36:35

We've booked to stay at Lanson Place based on great trip advisor reviews and reasonable prices. Haven't actually been yet so hoping it turns out to be a good choice.

ladybirdpoppy Sun 13-Dec-15 21:46:44

I have visited Hong Kong twice, first time in honeymoon at the peninsula (traditional, iconic) second time at the upper house on the island, very contemporary and trendy. Amazing views of the harbour and great location near pacific place. It does not feel like a hotel, very discreet, fashionable. Rooms are very big with wrap around windows.

mouldycheesefan Thu 17-Dec-15 13:46:04

Cannot go wrong with peninsula in my view especially for honeymoon

lionheart Sat 19-Dec-15 13:56:32

Great advice and info Iwasworried. I have been before but am seriously considering a family visit.

dottygamekeeper Sat 02-Jan-16 21:03:12

Hotel Icon in Kowloon had fantastic rooms looking across the harbour to HK island and lovely pool with view over harbour as well. Upgrade to the Club rooms and you get special access to the club lounge with inclusive breakfast and evening cocktails and 'nibbles' (but the so called nibbles were enough to make a meal of - think cold meats, fish, salads, cheeseboard etc).

It is actually a training school for hotel staff, but they are all very professional, friendly and the service was excellent. Free minibus to Star Ferry/MTR as well.

Orangesarenot Thu 07-Jan-16 22:38:09

We went for location and stayed in Stanford Hong Kong in Mongkok, about £90 a night (so you can spend the other £60 on the Ritz ;) ). It was absolutely fine - very clean, modern, decent facilities, nice corner window. No amazing views (just buzzing HK street life) but the most amazing food options all around you, easy to walk to lots of places, easy to get the metro to anywhere you could possibly want to go.

Totally recommend Chi Lin Nunnery and Nan Lian Garden. Beautiful, serene, in the middle of the most amazing city.

Do you like theme parks? We went to Ocean Park and had a great day.

I'm so jealous, we loved Hong Kong.

KeyserSophie Mon 11-Jan-16 04:42:52

HK resident here.

If you can get a deal, consider the Upper House at Admiralty. Very nice- top pick for "staycations" amongst HK'ers. Even if you dont stay there, go for a drink at Cafe Gray, the bar on the 63rd floor- amazing views.

Peak tram- best bet is to either hike up or get a taxi/ bus (15 from exchange square or minibus 1 from IFC) and get the tram back down as the queues tend to be shorter. The hike around Lugard Road offers good views. If the cloud's low, dont bother as it's just foggy and damp and miserable up there.

Beaches- kind of depends where you're going next. If going to Thailand or somewhere, dont bother. They're nice enough but you'll get better in SE Asia/ Australia. Best beaches on the island are probably Shek O and Big Wave. However, the water can be not that clean if I'm honest, depending on the tides. If you like hiking, there is some amazing trail. I can recommend depending on experience and how long you want to go for/ how much you like big hills. If you go to the Big Buddha you can hike up Lantau Peak from there, which on a clear day will give you amazing views from 900m+

I'm a bit meh about Lamma. It's ok and there's a pleasant 4k hike from one side to the other, but hard to miss the mahooosive power station stuck on top of it.

You might like the Chi Lin nunnery at Diamond Hill MTR- beautiful gardens and very zen. There's a nice little veggie restaurant there as well. Closer to diamond hill there are tonnes of fortune tellers but you need to take a translator as they dont speak English.

Best markets are on Kowloon side. Re fakes, yes, they're everywhere and they're good but be aware that you're basically indirectly funding all sorts of bad shit if you buy them. The ones in the markets are ok- it's the ones where you get taken into secret shops and pay, say 33% of the normal price that are triad ops.

Theme Parks- if you like them Ocean park is better than Disney for adults. Get your tickets in advance and get there for opening.

SeoulSista Mon 11-Jan-16 04:44:58

Stayed at The Park and would second it
Mostly recent at The Nathan Hotel on Nathan road, also very nice but no pool.

lastnightiwenttomanderley Mon 11-Jan-16 05:23:27

Just came on to suggest the Nathan! Stayed there in April to end 3 weeks wandering round the wilderness jn China at 20 weeks pregnant and highly recommend. Not on the harbour but we found it close enough. It's right opposite the night market too.

Bus rude to Stanley was great if you have time. Star ferry is ridiculously cheap. We just wandered around hk island, exploring the place on foot but the trams are handy. Went to the aviary in the main park which was a pleasant surprise (and free IIRC).

hesterton Mon 11-Jan-16 05:48:35

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

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