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Flying to Orlando for the first time with an 11 month old!

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Jambonicles Thu 05-Nov-15 11:53:52

Hi All,

My first time posting so apologies that im not down with the Mumsnet acronyms yet. smile

We now have a holiday booked for the three of us (Mum, Dad and Daughter) to go to Orlando, Florida. Its not for quite a while, late August next year, but we like to be well prepared in advance and hoping that we can learn from all of the collective experience on here. We are staying with my parents, in a villa, who have stayed many times before and know the area well.

There are a few questions we have that would be of great help to get answered:
1: What would you take with you vs. what would you buy there? Its the US so I am presuming that getting formula, baby food, nappies etc could all be done stateside (and by my parents in advance) but things for the plane and what we might not be thinking of?
2: What activities would you recommend doing whilst there? We are planning on going to Disney, regardless of the fact she wont remember it we will remember taking her. What else would be good for a young one?
3: Any recommendations for keeping her calm and quiet on the flight over?

Thanks in advance,

James, Jen and Melissa

ThirtyFivePounds Thu 05-Nov-15 13:13:19

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

AttilaTheMeerkat Thu 05-Nov-15 17:57:43

Diapers (nappies) can certainly be bought stateside but I would take a small supply to tide you over for the first few days. You do not want to be spending the first full day of your holiday looking for such supplies.

Formula milk formulations are a lot different over there and your child may not at all tolerate it; I would instead pack the formula tubs into a suitcase and take it with you instead.

Do not rely on the airline to fully provide; take enough foodstuffs for your DD and enough of what is liked. Leave any uneaten foodstuff behind on the aircraft. Do not bring fruit into the US.

Will any of you be driving to the villa upon arrival?. I would seriously consider using an alternate form of transport if so due to possible delays on arrival or tiredness.

Winter Garden in Orlando is a nice part to visit.

plipplops Fri 13-Nov-15 14:29:05

We've just got back. There was a baby crying the whole flight on the way home - while it must have been hard for the parents I really don't think people are that bothered about kids on flights (esp to holiday destinations) so don't over-think it. You can get up and walk around any time and they have lots of cartoons and things if she'll watch telly for a bit by then.

Can't tell you about baby supplies as mine are older.

Disney is brilliant, lots of family groups there if you can all go that means you and your other half get to go on a few rides too smile. We also went to Crystal River and saw the manatees, again DD (that's your daughter...) won't remember but it will be an incredible trip for you guys. Don't know if it's basketball season then but the game (Orlando Magic vs Toronto Raptors) we went to see was a surprise highlight of the trip (though they're evening so if you can leave DD with the in-laws if she's likely to be asleep), they put on such a show, we're not huge sports fans but I absolutely adored it.

As far as transport over there, we hired a car through Alamo, you do some online check-in thing then at the airport just walk to the garage, choose a car (they all have the keys in) and drive off, it was effortless and I'd do it again every time.

Also agree about TheDibb they're really helpful (and it'a a good forum for getting excited!)

Scotinoz Sat 14-Nov-15 08:15:05

As previously said, take enough nappies for the flight and the first day or so, then buy there. CVS, Walgreems, Walmart, grocery store etc will stock them. You get Pampers plus other brands. Same goes for wipes. I'd take my own formula just to be on the safe side.

Take plenty of food for the flight - a little picnic is perfect. I use food as entertainment on flights for my little one. Crackers, raisins etc keep them busy. Watch a bit of TV, books, scrunch up the inflight mag, walk up the aisle, and they tend to nod off after a while.

Lucie99 Sat 14-Nov-15 16:54:34

We took child for their first birthday. It was lovely. We stayed off site too. The above farm is lovely for a visit with a baby.

We took pre-made formula cartons with us ... ordered to pick up at the airports Boots. We found Ella's Kitchen pouches really helpful to have on us for both meal and snack time. You can buy Ella's in Target in Orlando plus there are many US equivalent. Goldfish crackers were also very popular (little cheesy biscuits). Make sure you have a decent small cool bag to carry snacks in.

Pampers and the like are everywhere including swim nappies.

For the plane I would dress baby in a comfy onesie and take two spare. Have plenty of wipes, a water cup with lid, a comforter toy and lots of patience. Picture lift the flap book and stickers were our friends and Marmite rice cakes! Lots of rice cakes!

There is a nice soft play at Pointe Orlando too:

Most important is a decent reclining buggy. I can recommend the petite star zia ... it fits in a travel bag that can go in the overhead locker on the plane.


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