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New York in August ?

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Pinkpeanut27 Tue 03-Nov-15 14:35:32

After thinking about California with 3 kids next August and getting nowhere I started thinking about NYC
This is somewhere they really wNt to go and I really want to take them.
I will have 2x13 and 1x 6 and my dh of course.
I'm sure the big kids would love it as basically it's like being on a film set!
Not sure if the 6 yr old would cope? He's very comfortable in London so not phased by big cities.

I thought a week in nyc and a week in somewhere relaxing. And possibly a few days in Washington dc

Any thoughts of where else to go?

I haven't been to New York since the Towers came down so it's a long time, before that we lived there for 6 months but that was very different to holidaying with 3 kids

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