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Disney Port Orlenas

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Hangingbasket14 Wed 28-Oct-15 19:28:19

We are looking at booking the Port Orleans hotel for May next year but having problems deciding between Riverside and French Quarter. I can't see any major differences but the FQ seems to get better reviews on trip advisor.....has anyone stayed at either (or both!)

AimingForMediocre Wed 28-Oct-15 22:40:34

We've been 4 times, I'd choose Riverside every time. The FQ has a much smaller food court with less choice, Riverside has a food court and a nice restaurant also, FQ has smaller gift shop, has a bus service that tends to get jammed up easier, though it does have a nice pool area.
I think the styling of the mansion houses at Riverside are far nicer than the buildings in FQ. The only hotel I would choose over the Riverside is teh Polynesian.

Hangingbasket14 Thu 29-Oct-15 09:05:41

Thanks Aiming that's really helpful, what did you like about the Polynesian in particular? (Now starts looking at yet another hotel!)

Blueberry234 Thu 29-Oct-15 09:16:48

We stayed at animal kingdom lodge (just to throw another into the mix) preferred it to port Orleans

Hangingbasket14 Thu 29-Oct-15 10:08:03

Blueberry, I would love Animal Kingdom but it's out of budget unfortunately, we also like the fact that you can get a boat to Downtown from PO (2 young DC's)

howtorebuild Thu 29-Oct-15 10:15:35

You have a shorter journey on the bus and boat if staying in the FQ.

AimingForMediocre Thu 29-Oct-15 13:14:43

You do have a slightly shorter trip on the bus and boat, but usually you get picked up after Riverside meaning that the bus/boat has already filled up. They don't always share a bus, at peak times FQ gets its own.

AimingForMediocre Thu 29-Oct-15 13:17:43

Love the Polynesian for the location on the monorail, the Ohana restaurant, the dole whip, the kids club and the beach. It's v expensive though, so we choose Riverside instead. Its the best moderate level hotel before you make the jump to deluxe hotels.

Hangingbasket14 Thu 29-Oct-15 15:31:18

Thank you all for your feedback, need to book this week before the Disney dining offer ends!!

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