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Big holiday for mother/father AND two boys

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motheroftwoboys Thu 08-Oct-15 16:49:11

Big birthday for me in December 2016 and we want to take our sons away on holiday with us which we haven't done for years. They will be 26 and 24 by then. We have an endowment cashing in - you know the sort that is paying out loads less than you thought! But it is enough to pay for a special holiday. Not a huge budget though £8k ish. We want somewhere very warm - so presumably the Caribbean, and we would like to try all inclusive. Would welcome your help. I am good at planning holidays but getting so much conflicting advice re AI resorts. We want stylish, good food with a bit of a nightlife for the "boys".

mummymeister Thu 15-Oct-15 09:38:27

I rave on about Belize all the time on these threads but it really is something you should look at.

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