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New York in December

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ImNoVanGough Mon 05-Oct-15 04:47:58

DH and I are heading to NY in December for 4 nights. This will be our second visit, we were last there 2013 and we visited a lot of the main attractions. Looking for ideas of things to do this time that we might not think about.

spub Mon 05-Oct-15 19:24:06

Hi, I'mNo,
I go a week tomorrow and there have been some lovely suggestions in the thread I started a few posts down. Hope this helps and I'll happily update when I get back grin

ImNoVanGough Mon 05-Oct-15 19:31:57

Oh,mi didn't even look for another thread blush
Ill have a read through and see what's been recommended. Hopefully someone can recommend some festive things to do too.
Have you been before? I'm so excited to b going back-we got engaged last time we were there, need to try and top that this time!

Chimchar Mon 05-Oct-15 19:34:14

I'm going in October half term. Terrified and excited!!

No advice from me I'm's my birthday time there. Just joining in with the excitement. wink

sipsmithandlime Mon 05-Oct-15 19:37:08

We are going about the same time and weren't sure what to do so we thought we'd get married grin

Guess that's not an option if you're already married though wink

ineedamoreadultieradult Mon 05-Oct-15 19:45:44

We went for New Year 10 years ago and got engaged while we were there. We did usual tourist things so you've probably already done them. The only festive things we did was visit Rockerfeller Christmas Tree, Ice skating in Central Park and Time Square on New Years eve. If you are going to be there for new years I'll give you my top tips because we did it the very hard way.

ImNoVanGough Mon 05-Oct-15 20:31:41

We fly out on my birthday and it's our honeymoon/anniversary trip too so I'm hoping we get some extras!!!
sipsmithandlime how exciting you're getting married when you're there, that will be fab!
We're away the middle of December, although I'd love to be there for New Years.
We'll go watch the ice skating but I'm far too clumsy to take part!

Chimchar Mon 05-Oct-15 21:02:54

Wtf?! My iPad autocorrected FIRST time to birthday time! It's not my birthday. But it definitely is my FIRST time there!

Have a great birthday/honeymoon/anniversary trip!

SwedishEdith Mon 05-Oct-15 21:07:20

Bryant Park has great ice-skating to watch and lovely little xmas market style shops and places to eat.

ImNoVanGough Mon 05-Oct-15 22:10:39

Thank you Edith we're staying near to Bryant park, I think!

mimiasovitch Sat 17-Oct-15 09:28:49

I was going to say Bryant Park. The market is really lovely, and there are also lovely holiday shops around union square and in Grand Central. A friend did a tour of a neighbourhood in Brooklyn with amazing Christmas lights, which she said was fantastic. I love New York at this time of year, and can't wait to take my kids.

MsAmerica Sun 18-Oct-15 22:09:46

I'm a big believer in buying guidebooks - especially since you're not saying things about your interests. Personally, I'd go to the smaller museums, like the Frick. (I'm a little mystified by the recommendations of Bryant Park, and watching ice skating is something that I think of only as what one might do in passing on the way to somewhere else.) The Radio City Music Hall Christmas shows are famous, if you like that kind of thing.

originalmavis Sun 18-Oct-15 22:13:38

Take your wooly drawers!

Ice rink at rockerfella plaza, the high line, empire state, did I mentioned it will be bloody freezing?

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