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Dangers of long-haul flights

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dieseltaylor Sun 23-Aug-15 12:19:02

I don't wish to hype this but I thought it interesting enough to wonder about extra research on the effects on babies of long-distance flying.

" ” “Our data reveal a previously unrecognized vulnerability group: lap infants with deaths occurring during long-haul flights unrelated to a crash or severe turbulence,” the study’s authors wrote.
Turbulence is a persistent problem. Each year, flight attendants and passengers not belted into seats are injured by unexpected clear-air turbulence. In some cases, babies have been thrown several rows from mothers or fathers who stand no chance of holding on to infants against severe gravitational forces.
“We’ve got to get kids restrained on airplanes,” said former NTSB investigator Greg Feith, who now works as a safety consultant. “Everyone is so emphatic that your laptop be restrained and your tray table stowed. But not a child?”

Though it is infrequent indeed rare it still is a concern.

ipadmad Fri 02-Oct-15 18:43:59

Life's too short not to travel longhaul

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