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Mauritius for New Year - anyone done it and what was weather like?

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Loudubya Wed 25-Feb-09 16:47:02

Hi, can you recommend your accomodation please? I'm really looking for s/c in May 2009, cheers

babydales Tue 16-Jan-07 14:34:38

We went to Mauritius August '06. One place I wouldnt go back too. There are a lot nicer places to go to. Very Overrated.

boo64 Fri 15-Dec-06 21:46:14

I have been twice in Jan or Feb. The first time was quite nice weather wise. The second time we had a cyclone but even that wasn't too bad. It wasn't a direct hit though. One day we had to stay indoors which was cr*p but also a bit of an adventure. It was qutie cloudy all week though.

Cll Tue 28-Nov-06 21:53:41

thanks so much

Still not booked - must get on with it!

Mell2 Mon 27-Nov-06 09:59:04

HI, I also got married in Mauritius in November. I went last 2 weeks nov and 1 week Dec. We had one day of rain in 3 weeks. The rainy season does seem to be from Dec to April but i'm not sure how rainy.

Have a great trip

copycat Sun 26-Nov-06 20:04:09

Hi Cll
I got married in Mauritius in December. We were there from about the 9th to the 23rd and the weather was lovely. Have you checked the weather history on the Trip Planner facility at ? I have selected a two week period starting from January 1st and weather records and stats are listed for the town of Plaisance for each of the 14 days for the past 10 years.
Have a lovely time.

BirdyArms Fri 24-Nov-06 21:57:04

We went to Mauritius at the end of October, not supposed to be the best time to go but a few cloudy days definitely didn't spoil the holiday. The taxi driver told us that later in the season, ie around New Year, the east side of the island has better weather. We went with Mark Warner, one of the few options if you'd like some childcare for an under 2 - most other hotel creches start from 2 or older. Was really a Hilton hotel with Mark Warner rep and creche rather than the full on Mark Warner thing, which suited us well. Hilton is on the West side of the island though.

Cll Fri 24-Nov-06 21:43:18

Thanks for that - have some distant memory of work colleague going one Jan and moaning about rain falling so hard she couldn't see the sea... but maybe that was a one off...

fingers crossed - am hoping to book this weekend so any further thoughts would be good

GILLIAN74 Fri 24-Nov-06 19:26:31

Me and DP went to the Maldives not Mauritius but still Indian Ocean. Stunning part of the world. Anyway we did have some rain you wouldn't even notice so warm. The rain did wakes us some mornings around 5am so loud hitting bungalow it ends as quickly as it starts. Go and enjoy your holiday and don't even think of the weather I can promise you that the monsoon rain will not spoil your time in Mauritius.

Another plus is to think of all the ones your leaving behind at home/work , I bet that's put a smile on your face .

Cll Fri 24-Nov-06 14:23:01

Dh's 40th and he wants to go somewhere warm for New Year with kids 8,5 and almost 1. I can't face jet lag and daytime flights, so we've settled on Mauritius as best possible destination. But am a bit confused as to what the weather will be like... they say it's the windiest season and they get a cyclone every 16 years, but for the prices they are asking I'm assuming that most of the time the weather is good? Would hate to pay out and be sitting in rain....

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