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Vancouver and Victoria without car seats?

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HenriettaTurkey Mon 03-Aug-15 11:32:37

We (dh & I) are traveling to Victoria and Vancouver with our 6 month old and 3 year old.

We aren't hiring a car, hoping to rely on transit, the boat and a bus and train to and from whistler.

At one point we will be travelling from coquitlam to the ferry terminal.

Are we mad to attempt this with buggy, suitcase, two boys and hand luggage?

I am packing very light so we'll only have1 suitcase and backpacks but still...

AttilaTheMeerkat Mon 03-Aug-15 13:12:24

The two places you mention are some fair distance apart so there is no way I would rely on transit alone to do that even if you were not travelling with children (and you may have to change buses as well). I would seriously consider hiring a taxi to take you to the ferry terminal.

HenriettaTurkey Mon 03-Aug-15 15:54:05

Attila, you mean Coquitlam & the ferry...that's what I was thinking. Any chance you know where I can find a taxi co with car seats? much to think of!

madwomanbackintheattic Mon 03-Aug-15 16:04:31

I'd rent a car, tbh. Is it a double buggy? You really need somewhere to be able to be hands free if they both decide to sleep/ be irritable/ jet lagged/ bored of travelling and waiting around for the next public transport... Juggling luggage, babies and pre-schoolers sounds theoretically possible, but uncomfortable and a pita if you can afford a rental.

HenriettaTurkey Mon 03-Aug-15 16:09:28

I wish we could afford a rental!

AttilaTheMeerkat Mon 03-Aug-15 18:30:32

If in the event you are staying in a hotel I would ask the staff to pre-arrange a taxi for you to get to the ferry terminal.

HenriettaTurkey Mon 03-Aug-15 21:01:27

Good idea, Attila. It's a wedding hotel, hence location. I'll email them and explain our situation.

In terms of other stuff, our pram has a special bag with wheels it can pack into, we have one big suitcase with an attachable hand luggage and our other hand luggage is a back pack.

Tomorrow we are heading to the sling surgery to sort a sling for 6 m/o if required. So doing all we can to make it manageable.

Car seats would make it much more complicated though: and 3 y/o prob not big enough for booster back pack just yet.

HenriettaTurkey Tue 04-Aug-15 22:39:11

So having emailed the hotel about a taxi they have said they would be delighted to arrange said transfer.

Oh but taxi companies don't do car seats.

Have investigated online and apparently taxis are exempt from the legislation, meaning I could travel without car seats.

This scares the shit out of me. Only an hour from Port Coquitlam to ferry using transit. Think I'll be doing that...

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