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Things to do in the evenings in manhattan

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kate1516 Thu 23-Jul-15 12:01:34

Travelling to New York in a few weeks for work. Never been before do looking forward to it. I won't have time to see much but does anyone have any tips of things you can do in the evenings or nice places to eat?

Staying in manhattan not far from grand central station.


Ceets Fri 24-Jul-15 09:52:39

Lucky you! Here are some tips from a New Yorker living in the UK.

First off, grab a copy of Time Out New York, which has great listings (locations, hours, cost) for museums, theater, galleries, music and restaurants.

Lots of museums are open for one evening a week. The Chelsea art galleries usually have Thursday night openings.

You can get same day theater tickets at the TKS booth in Times Square. But look at listings for off-Broadway shows, too. They tend to be cheaper but are still excellent. Be sure to check out what is happening at Lincoln Center. It has amazing theater, music, and dance.

The 92nd Street Y and New York Public Library have evening lectures and events and are always great. TONY will have listings for book readings. There is usually someone famous reading in Manhattan every night.

Cruises around the harbor might be pricey but are beautiful in late summer evenings.

Here are some restaurant suggestions.

Hill Country BBQ
26th Street between Broadway and 6th Avenue
Best BBQ in the city.

Houston and Thompson Streets
My favourite pizza in New York. I would honestly kill someone for an “Arturo’s Fiesta”.

5th Ave at 8th Street
Mario Batalli’s (famous American chef) upscale pizza restaurant. Fun place to eat and drink and right near Washington Square Park. Try the olive oil gelato.

Murrays Bagels
Like nothing you will ever have in the UK
14th Street and 6th Avenue

Katz’s Deli
The only Jewish deli you will ever need, and the place they filmed the “I’ll have what she’s having” scene in “When Harry Met Sally”.
East Houston and Ludlow Streets

Corner Bistro
331 West 4th Street at Jane Street
Classic Village dive bar with maybe the best burgers in the city

Northern Spy Food Co.
12th Street between Avenues A and B
Beautiful farm to table food. Lovely place.

Pizza and the Brooklyn Bridge
At the foot of the Brooklyn Bridge in DUMBO (down under the Manhattan Bridge overpass)
Grimaldi’s Pizza
Brooklyn Ice Cream Factory
Take the subway (A line) to York Street or a cab, eat, then walk over the Brooklyn Bridge towards Manhattan (far better view than the other way).

Yeah Shanghi Deluxe
65 Bayard Street
Many swear this is the only place in Chinatown worth eating at. The excellent Chinatown Ice Cream Store is next door.

Grand Central Terminal
Go to the Main Concourse and look up
Have a drink at Michael Jordan’s Steakhouse and enjoy the view below.
Then take an elevator to Campbell Apartment for another

La Birreria
The rooftop bar at the huge Eataly Italian food market. Views of the Empire State Building. Craft beer, wine and great cheese plates.

kate1516 Fri 24-Jul-15 18:14:46

Thank you. That's great. I am gong ti have some fun googling these places later!

VoldemortsNipple Fri 24-Jul-15 18:38:53

You can spend a whole evening window shopping on Fifth Avenue and around Times Square. The Hershey's shop at Times Square is worth a visit for chocolate souvenirs. grand Central Terminal has a little market which is nice to look around and sells lovely fresh food.

A trip up the top of the Rock is worth seeing. I think the last ride to the top is about 11pm. You could do the Empire State Building but if you're by Grand Central Terminal, the Rockefeller Centre is closer (5 min walk)

Dinner at Ellen's Stardust Diner is fun especially if you have a guilty pleasure for Glee or musicals.

If you wanted to do a carriage ride in Central Park the cost is $50 for a 20 minute ride. The carriage drivers are brilliant and give you a running commentary and point out all the sights.

These are very touristy things obviously, but it's what we enjoyed doing of an evening on our first time in New York last year.

HelloNewman Fri 24-Jul-15 18:42:46

Agree with Voldermort - although I'd avoid Times Square.

We just left NYC yesterday. It's a few years since I'd been to Times Square - it's a lot wilder than I remembered!

VoldemortsNipple Fri 24-Jul-15 21:09:19

Times Square was a bit of a let down for me tbh. I wasn't very impressed. It's not even a square confused but it does have the Hershey's shop to buy a suitcase full of Reece's cups but I would have been a bit guttered if I hadn't seen it.

Also if you want to see Ground Zero it will cost around $20 each way in a yellow cab. It's about a 15 minute drive away. We stayed at the Roosevelt Hotel, so we were also very close to Grand Central terminal.

Kasey86 Sat 01-Aug-15 20:07:37

Definitely do Top of the rock at night.
You could see a Broadway show or check out a comedy club.
Food wise,hard to say without a budget there are plenty of great options.
For pizza, head to grimaldis as PP suggested,I'm a native NY'er and believe me it's seriously good pizza!
if you like Chinese head to Chinatown for authentic and cheap dim sum and other delights.

I would also visit Grand Central at night, it's slightly less busier than daytime so you don't feel as rushed. Check out the whispering wall!

There are also a few secret bars in Manhattan, check out crifs dogs at St marks place in the east village, go in there and use the vintage phone to call the bar,(the bar is called PDT) they will let you in. It's fun and great food there. Depending on which night you go you may have to make reservations.

Please don't take a carriage ride, the horses are not kept well and tbh it's easier to do Central Park on foot (and more fun!)

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