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Brazil recommendations?

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SockQueen Fri 17-Jul-15 20:41:43

DH and I are off to Brazil at the end of August. We booked our flights a few months ago but haven't sorted anything else out yet. I tentatively enquired with a few companies this week and have got several very shiny potential itineraries from super-friendly "travel consultants." They look fantastic, but aren't cheap, and now DH is saying he wants to organise it all himself as it will save loads of money. This may well be the case, but as neither of us are familiar with the country or language I am worried that at some point this will mean being abandoned with no transfer/hotel room or something.

We're going to Rio for a friend's birthday, and also want to go to Iguazu and Ilha Grande. All seems doable within two weeks, just wondered if anyone had any suggestions for places to stay/companies to book with, or equally things to avoid!

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