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Anyone been to Legoland Florida and Windsor?

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plipplops Mon 06-Jul-15 09:25:58

We've never been to Legoland Windsor but are going to Florida in October and DH and DCs are keen to go to Legoland there. Has anyone been to both? What's the difference? Is it worth using a day of an expensive holiday to go to the one in Florida or do we just do a day trip to Winsdor some time?

PosterEh Mon 06-Jul-15 09:28:59

I've been to the California one and Windsor and they were pretty similar so I expect the Florida one is too. The California one has a waterpark though (which we didn't use) and Windsor just has the smaller water play area - that might make it worth it in the warmer weather.

SevenEleven Wed 08-Jul-15 07:04:07

We've been to both and I love Florida so much more. It helped that we went at the end of august and it wasn't very busy! I would think October would be OK too. There are similar rides in both but there is a proper waterpark in Florida as apposed to the spash park in Windsor. The shows were better in Florida and the food outlets too (apple chips were amazing!) Things are always bigger and better in America!! smile

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