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EthelDurant123 Tue 26-May-15 20:01:18

I just wanted to enquire if any families have enjoyed a holiday using Airbnb especially those who rented in the USA? I'm a bit nervous but for the same price as a four star hotel in Central New York for five days, I've discovered I could rent an entire apartment in East Harlem!

crassula Tue 26-May-15 20:06:23

We use it all the time. So far only in Europe, and we stay at places where the owner has has lots of positive reviews. Never had a problem. If you're worried, just make sure you enough reserve cash to check into a hotel at late notice?

AttilaTheMeerkat Tue 26-May-15 21:46:18

You are wise to be cautious. Would suggest you stay in hotels instead particularly when it comes to NYC.

All cities have their own laws when it comes to apartment rentals, it is wise for the traveller to check this out properly for themselves before making any sort of booking.

Sites like the one you have quoted never screen or verify listings.

What many people do not realise is that short term rentals particularly in NYC are infact illegally offered and should not be offered by the tenant for rental (they have no authority to do so).

Haggismcbaggis Tue 26-May-15 21:50:03

NYC is the one place I probably wouldn't as it is illegal there. But if they have tonnes of positive and recent reviews - they have probably been getting away with it.
Beware fake Airbnb properties. They use stock photos of amazing places and then ask you to book through their own website rather than Airbnb to save fees. Total con.
But I've used it in Oz & it's been great.

EthelDurant123 Wed 27-May-15 19:40:32

Thanks for all your feedback!

whiteshirtandkhakipants Thu 11-Jun-15 13:30:26

My family (of 4 boys, baby girl, dh and i) stayed in a house we booked on air bnb in florida and i can't recommend that house/those owners highly enough. was a fab house, perfect location, the owners couldn't have been kinder and more helpful. absolutely first class holiday.

Heels99 Mon 15-Jun-15 09:42:10

We just came back from New York. We stayed in a central four star hotel it was brilliant. Staying in East .harlem just means you have further to travel to do the main tourist things, there is no benefit to it. You don't need a whole apartment you will be out all the time you just need somewhere central to crash. There is a lot of walking involved in NYC I would say convenient location is more important than spacious apartment based on my experience.

HRHQueenMe Mon 22-Jun-15 05:22:40

Had a fantabulous flat in Tokyo with AirBnb and 3 kids. Highly recommended!!

trafalgargal Tue 07-Jun-16 18:30:22

Renting apartments in NYC through Airbnb is illegal so a bit dodgy .......however it isn't illegal just over the bridge in New Jersey.
Take a look at somewhere like Union City instead. Really cheap and easy transport into Manhattan and much better value for money. We even did this one snowy December and the buses weren't affected by the weather at all.

Doobydoo Tue 07-Jun-16 18:37:24

Place marking. Have used Airbnb in London and all positive.Would like to go to further but feel nervous.

trafalgargal Tue 07-Jun-16 20:02:37

I did two last month. One was a hotel boat moored in Gothenburg city centre, really central,clean and comfortable. The ensuite rooms go for more than double with Expedia etc but they sell the non ensuite rooms (shower right opposite and never seem to be anyone else using them) for fifty quid which for central Gothenburg is a bargain . The second was the more traditional Airbnb room in hosts house. The room was exactly as described and the hosts lovely , even gave me a lift the next morning to the station.

Both were great experiences and although I'd still read reviews very very carefully I'd have no issues doing it overseas again.

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