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Ideas for a US or Canada East coast holiday please.

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BestIsWest Mon 04-May-15 18:42:16

Looking at doing a two or three centre USA or Canada holiday this summer combining city breaks with some down time where we can chill out a bit.

We've previously done 10 days in Florida and 4 in New York and that was great so looking to do something similar. Ideally we'd like to go further west but DS has a back injury and wouldn't be able to tolerate the longer flight so we're limiting ourselves to the Eastern side.

Plenty of cities appeal but we're stumped for the down time especially as we don't particularly want to drive.

Anyone got any suggestions?

VivaLeBeaver Mon 04-May-15 18:50:37

Prince Edward Island? I've never been but always wanted to.

Groovee Mon 04-May-15 19:32:23

Myrtle Beach

celtiethree Mon 04-May-15 19:36:00

New York - Cape Cod - Boston. We did this a few years ago and loved it. Not sure how you'd manage outside NY without a car though.

BestIsWest Thu 07-May-15 21:39:52

Looks like we are heading for the Washington/Baltimore area as we have family there. Thanks all.

Lordofmyflies Sat 09-May-15 21:31:37

3 years ago, we flew UK to Halifax ( Nova Scotia) for a city break for 5 nights, then picked up a car and drove north to stay in a log cabin on a lake near Pictou for 5 nights of kayaking, walking, riding and then caught the Ferry to PEI for 4 nights. The children were about 2 and 6 and we had a wonderful trip and it was really reasonable and short flights.

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