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Anyone been to nashville?

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Mama1980 Tue 21-Apr-15 16:45:57

Just that really smile

PalmTrees Tue 21-Apr-15 20:37:14

I live in Nashville, what would you like to know?

Mama1980 Wed 22-Apr-15 11:48:49

Hi thanks for replying smile my dd (17) has got it in her head that she wants to visit nashville.
Can you recommend anywhere to stay? Things to do?

PalmTrees Thu 23-Apr-15 20:49:42

Nashville's a great city, very safe and easy to drive around. I would stay at one of the big hotels downtown, the Renaissance is very central, then you have easy access to Broadway where all the Honky Tonks are.
There are hundreds of gigs taking place all over the City every night, the most famous venues are the Bluebird Cafe and the Grande Ole Opry which you need to book in advance.
For shopping there is a high end Mall at Green Hills and a fantastic outlet Mall at Opryland.
If you are visiting during the summer you can book a trip on the General Jackson steam boat which also departs from Opryland.
Nashville has a lot of history and it's worth taking a tour of one of the plantation houses, my favorite is the Belle Meade Mansion. There is also a lovely little town just outside Nashville called Franklin which has a perfectly preserved traditional Main St and old-fashioned movie theatre.
There is a trolley bus tour of the downtown area available and I've also done the bus tour of the star's homes which is fun.
The winter can get very cold and July/August very hot so I'd say Spring and Autumn are the best times to visit if you have a choice.
Any more questions, please ask! A

capet Fri 24-Apr-15 13:17:07

We visited a few years ago, flew to Nashville and from there drove to Memphis and then New Orleans. It was a great trip and I would definitely recommend going there. Only thing would be that nightlife was particularly good in Nashville, but you might miss out on that if travelling with a 17 year old? Good music in bars etc- and I'm not a country music fan particularly.
We stayed in lowes, it was a bit out of centre of town opposite the university, is it Vanderbilt? Town centre was a short taxi ride away, we rented a car also so wasn't really a problem.

areyoutheregoditsmemargaret Wed 13-May-15 20:39:15

Really sorry to be a downer, but i went to Nashville a few years ago and hated it. I thought it was a pretty ugly city and the Grand Old Opry was a huge disappointment - long, long show with really underwhelming music. Also met a lot of rednecks, who were pretty scary in their views (though obviously not everyone is like that). There are a lot of bars and music venues but I'd rather go to many other cities that offer a similar experience. We went to Memphis and Graceland for the day, much preferred the feel of Memphis. If you're not that eager to go I'd let your 17 yr old discover it for herself when she gets the chance.

NonDom Wed 13-May-15 20:56:32

I was surprised when we went to Nashville was that there wasn't or we couldn't find a traditional downtown. Grand Ol' Opry was out on a strip mall in the suburbs. We ended up at Rainforest Cafe in a neighbouring mall...

areyoutheregoditsmemargaret Thu 14-May-15 08:32:20

Agree. Basically, if you really want to go spend 2 days max then move on, you would be bored witless if you spent a fortnight there.

PalmTrees Thu 14-May-15 23:56:08

Nashville does have a traditional downtown area with hundreds of bars, theaters and restaurants. The Grand Ole Opry is performed in a purpose built theatre out of town for 9 months of the year but moves back to the Ryman theater off Broadway for the Christmas season.
I would suggest staying in a hotel downtown and taking one of the Opry shuttles out to Opryland rather than staying out there.

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