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Honeymoon in Hakuba and Philippines

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DiDiddlyIDi Sat 18-Apr-15 14:45:24


We are trying to plan our honeymoon, 2 nights in Tokyo, 7 nights in Hakuba and then 7 nights in the Philippines.

Looking for suggestions of where to stay in Hakuba and where to go in the Philippines. Philippines we want beach and relaxation but still some activities.... Fire away...

PotteringAlong Sat 18-Apr-15 14:47:57

The Philippines was my best ever traveling destination!

we spent the relaxation part of our trip here and it was awesome - lots to do on Bohol too.

SnowBells Mon 20-Apr-15 23:31:29

El Nido Resort in the Philippines is AMAZING. It is a more expensive option, but it's all inclusive (meal and activities). The resort has its own plane that gets you to a nearby airport from Manila, but make sure your driver knows where the the private airport in Manila is - ours didn't, and we nearly missed our flight!!!

The plane lands on a minuscule airport (the runway is made of sand). Your group will be taken to the beach at the end of the runway to board a boat. Wear shorts and flip flops as you will likely get wet.

We went there seven years ago, when there were only two resort locations: Minoloc and Lagen. We went to Lagen. Back then, Minoloc was more suited to families and Lagen for couples. We stayed in one of those rooms / huts above the water. There was a glass window on the floor, and we could see the fish swimming beneath us. The view was to die for. We would sit on the verandah in the evening, looking over the ocean with countless tiny islands dotting the water between us and the horizon. Lagen didn't have a beach per se, but the staff took us on boats to different uninhabited islands on a daily basis. They will cook for you there (barbecue). You can then sun, snorkel and eat to your heart's content. Or you can go island hopping and go canoeing to the big lagoon. The pictures I have added on here are pictures available online (I hope they can be seen). AND THAT'S HOW THE PLACE LOOKED LIKE IN REAL LIFE. grin

They have added two more resorts since we went there (Pangulasian sounds very enticing!). Be prepared for unbelievably clear water. And wonderful people... everyone working there was so nice and knew so much about the environment (they are very much into conservation).

... and NO, I don't work for their marketing department!!! Just a happy client.

DiDiddlyIDi Tue 21-Apr-15 03:03:00

Thank you both and snowbells I needed you to confirm that, i had researched that a bit, I think we will go there!

PotteringAlong Tue 21-Apr-15 07:25:49

Snowbells that looks fab! My Philippines was a bit more back packing-y!

SnowBells Tue 21-Apr-15 09:16:30

Go, relax and have fun!

It is about the only place I truly got that holiday feeling. I'm always the holiday organiser, so always feel I have certain responsibilities. In El Nido, I could just relax. And my blackberry didn't work there, so that was a bonus.

SnowBells Tue 21-Apr-15 09:20:11

We did a bit of the backpacking thing and riding on jeepneys, too - our stay in El Nido was just the treat at the end of it all. We saw the Mayon volcano with its perfect shape, and I guess you must have gone to see the Chocolate Hills of Bohol, too?

PotteringAlong Tue 21-Apr-15 09:42:34

We did! We started off in Manila, flew to Bohol and then spent 6 weeks island hoping our way back to Manila using a sliding scale of great to dodgy boats! Loved every minute, some truly tropical places and fascinating sights.

Fannyou Sun 07-Jun-15 17:42:33

We just spent 1 week in the Philippines, in Bohol. Alona Beach is very beautiful, yummy seafood for dinner. The Island is just gorgeous. We stayed at this place , it has only 3 cottages, so the pool was almost for us only!

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