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Somewhere to twin centre with zimbabwe

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Pootrouble Sun 12-Apr-15 19:15:05

Hi, we are considering going to Zimbabwe for around five days. We have friends that live there and they have very kindly invited us to stay. However, we would like to make the most of being half way round the world and would like to do five days Zimbabwe snd then fly on somewhere else. Does anyone have any ideas? We are reasonably well travelled and will have two children age 11 and 6 with us. Ideally we would not stay in Africa for the second destination for various reasons, we have considered Mauritius/Seychelles is there anywhere else we have missed?? Thanks

pootlebug Sun 12-Apr-15 19:16:40

Depending on the reason for not Africa, I would still contemplate Cape Town and surrounds. One of my favourite holiday destinations.

JellyMould Sun 12-Apr-15 19:19:37

Second Cape Town, it's lovely. Or Zanzibar? Why not Africa? Seems excessive to dismiss a continent, esp. when you're in the middle of it already.

Pootrouble Sun 12-Apr-15 19:54:31

Husband is just not keen to do South Africa espesh for very personal reasons I can't really go into on a message board. Zanzibar could be an option thanks, that's always somewhere we have dreamed about, what's that like politically at the moment does anyone know? Want to be careful especially taking the girls. I guess Madagascar could also be good and I'm assuming they would hopefully be ok security wise too

AttilaTheMeerkat Mon 13-Apr-15 09:21:04

I would read current FCO travel advice for Madagascar before making any such travel plans. I would certainly not go there as independent travellers.

Pootrouble Mon 13-Apr-15 11:34:44

Thanks Attila I've just read that, such a shame that political situations are making it difficult to visit such beautiful countries

nannyafrica Tue 14-Apr-15 23:00:45

Love Pemba Island
Here they have floating room (bedroom under water!)

whippy33 Wed 15-Apr-15 22:00:53

I travel to SA a lot and the people I speak to always recommend Mozambique as a destination. I have never been but it seems to be very popular with South may be somewhere to look into.

SophyStantonLacy Mon 11-May-15 10:23:57

Mozambique is lovely, depending on the time of year you are going the kids would love the whale sharks at Tofo. Personally I would look at places you can fly to out of Harare, & easy connections you can make from those destinations...

BreakingDad77 Thu 21-May-15 15:50:36

I went to Boomi Hills nature park over an easter booked by a group where they have a camp pre set up for you, was quite a few yrs back but was during mugabe's crazy times (You could do jeep/walk safari, canoeing, just sit by camp and fish. Also go to the great Zimbabwe monument!

Guess maybe on to Tanzania Kilimanjaro?

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