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Sydneysiders _ holiday rental with no heating in August?

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pannetone Thu 15-Jan-15 23:32:56

Just that really - we will be there at the end of August (we are in the UK) and the house we are looking to rent is detached, three storey with lots of big picture windows. Don't think it is north facing. Daytime temperatures are obviously fine but what about evenings and getting up in the morning - and I suppose overnight comfort if the house isn't being heated at all? The rental will only be for a week but we want to be comfortable - and for me that includes being warm!

GrinAndTonic Thu 15-Jan-15 23:52:04

It's not heated? In Sydney? Maybe they have provided oil or convection heaters for use? if not then stock up on jumpers and socks etc and maybe buy a couple of cheap oil heaters from target/Kmart/bigW for use in the living areas.

pannetone Fri 16-Jan-15 08:08:47

Thanks grin. It is not a cheap rental -I'd want them to be providing the heaters!

AttilaTheMeerkat Fri 16-Jan-15 09:06:00

I would double check that this residence has some sort of heating in it because Sydney can be cold in August. If it does not I would consider somewhere else.

pannetone Fri 16-Jan-15 10:37:31

Think you are right Attila - shame because it is a dream rental otherwise with lovely harbour views. And it would take quite a bit of heating -it has a couple of living rooms and four bedrooms.

time2deal Tue 20-Jan-15 20:03:36

Sydney houses can be freezing in winter. Poor insulation and houses designed to reduce heat can make 10 degrees feel like zero.
I wouldn't take it without heating, but most likely they will offer you electric blow heater things. Ask for a few extra blankets and just be ready for cool mornings. The view will be worth it!

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