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Disney and Orlando

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Mum2Pea Mon 05-Jan-15 11:53:38

So excited, have just booked flights for me, DH and DDs 7 & 4 to Orlando for 2 weeks next August.
Am aware that it will be Hot. Im Asian and girls are mixed race so we tend to deal with the heat quite well (DH not so much)

So now need to start planning and know some MNetters are experts that can give far better advice than Google ever could

1.Where is best to stay? Can you recommend anywhere?
2.What Disney parks would you suggest taking into account the girls ages?
3.Do we need a car if we plan to stay in Orlando most of the time?
4.How best to budget / plan to make the most of our time out there

Thank you!

AnneEyhtMeyer Mon 05-Jan-15 22:20:48

Best place to ask is on the DIBB forum - every question you could possibly have will be answered very well there.

It is a great place and the children will love it.

If you don't want to drive you are best off staying onsite at Disney.

All of the Disney Parks are suitable for your children's ages. I don't rate Universal for children, but others will disagree.

It will be hot but there are lots of opportunities to get out of the sun.

Have a fab time!

Lion12 Mon 05-Jan-15 22:36:33

Agree with Anne that you can stay on site at a Disney hotel without a car but if you are wanting to do a bit more than just the parks ie try different places for food or shopping a car may be worth considering.
Staying in site also has the advantage of booking fast passes early on any must do rides. Obviously this then commits you to being at a set park at a set time.
The disadvantage of staying on site is the price. You can get other hotels pretty much on top of downtown Disney for a better price. Take a look at them as they tend to do transport to the parks as well.
If you are there for 2 weeks you should be able to do all the parks and don't forget about maybe a morning in the water parks.
Your best bet for advice is the Dibb or Dis websites. You will be amazed by the planning and knowledge on there.

Mum2Pea Thu 08-Jan-15 07:40:59

Thank you! have spent the last 2 days on DIBB and already feel so much more informed

mummymeister Thu 08-Jan-15 10:53:03

also the book wdw with kids is absolutely brilliant. I like having something to read rather than a website where you can browse between pages and forget where you are. at the back of this book are touring plans - ideas of what rides to do when to get the most out of your visit. there is also beyond wdw with kids another brilliant and helpful book. personally we preferred to stay in a villa and drive. this gave us the extra space, our own pool, time away from other people (which after the crowds at the park was really welcome) and the flexibility to go stay in and eat, make our own lunches etc. we stayed at a lovely villa on sunset lakes that was really near and perfect for us.

Morleylass1 Fri 09-Jan-15 14:35:55

I second the dibb, we're just back from our second trip and it was really helpful.
First time we stayed at Disney and second time in a villa, I was very pleased that we were onsite for our first trip as it just made things very easy with the Disney transport. We didn't have a car that time but we only felt we would have like one a couple of times when we went to Sea world etc, we didn't do Universal first time around.
A villa is more relaxing but I think on site you get the full Disney experience, it depends what sort of holiday you want as to which is best.
I also recommend the book Brits Guide to Orlando, first time around it was glued to my hand.
Oh yes, don't underestimate the water parks, my daughter's favourite places, there is a nice area in Blizzard beach for children will smaller water slides etc.
You'll have a fabulous time smile

Awks Fri 09-Jan-15 14:38:55

We're going in August too. See you there I'll be the one in Walmart with $380 dollars worth of stuff I don't need

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