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taking car seats to australia

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LostMySocks Sun 04-Jan-15 17:42:44

We're taking our DS to Australia in the spring. He'll be 18months. Are UK car seats legal or do we need to hire one there?

ThinkIveBeenHacked Sun 04-Jan-15 17:47:49

Might be easier to just hire one, save worrying about it being bashed around in the Hold.

MrsJacksonAvery Sun 04-Jan-15 18:02:00

I hired one when I went to Oz last summer - Can't remember how much but v.reasonable.

AttilaTheMeerkat Sun 04-Jan-15 19:52:10

You will need to hire such a seat.

To be an approved child restraint, a car seat or booster must be labelled with an Australian Standards sticker for the standard AS/NZS 1754. It is one of the most stringent child restraint standards in the world. All car restraints sold in Australia must comply with the standards that cover materials, design, construction, performance, testing and labelling.

Car seats bought overseas will not comply with the Australian standard and it is illegal to use them in Australia.

LostMySocks Tue 06-Jan-15 10:20:55

Thanks for the info

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