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Flying to Australia with 13 mo - tell me it's ok!

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BananaLeaf Mon 22-Dec-14 10:48:14

Last time we flew there she was 4 mo, we had the bassinet seats for most of the way, I was still bfing, she slept a lot and it was fine. This time she will be 13mo, won't sit still or sit on lap for long. Walks if holding hands but will want to crawl about.
It's a bit of an awkward age as I imagine she'll be too big for the bassinet, but doesn't have her own seat yet.

Anyone have any positive/okish stories to tell?
Did they sleep much? Did they fall asleep on you?
What did you use to distract them with while sitting on your lap?
What did you give them to eat and drink?
Would you recommend a stopover?
My husband wants to but I just see it eating into our time in Aus, and can't see it being that restful if the baby doesn't sleep and we are just in a car back to the airport the next day. Would it be better to pay for another seat rather than pay for a stopover? Or just get on with it!?

BananaLeaf Tue 23-Dec-14 15:34:17

Oh dear not looking good is it haha grin

slightlyglitterstained Tue 23-Dec-14 15:52:31

Went with a 15 month old. Everyone said "oh dear, worst age for it".

TBH, it wasn't too bad. We flew with Emirates & there were several other babies on the flight, all in the front row seats for each section so DS happily crawled off to say hello when he got bored (with one of us following, needless to say).

The only bad leg was the night time one - expected him to sleep through it but he found it hard to settle, & was tired & grumpy.

Don't expect to watch many movies grin - if you're travelling with partner may be worth agreeing to take turns in charge, so you each get a bit of sleep.

BananaLeaf Tue 23-Dec-14 20:43:07

Thanks glitter, if he did sleep was it just on you?

slightlyglitterstained Tue 23-Dec-14 21:04:09

Yes, mostly (managed to transfer him to DP a few times once asleep). On a couple of legs we had an extra seat next to us but he still wanted to sleep on us.

We didn't do an overnight stopover, ours was about 6 hours which was enough to walk around & get a break. If you're reluctant to lose time in Australia, what about doing a stopover just one way, e.g. on way back when tired?

BananaLeaf Tue 23-Dec-14 21:19:15

Yes a stopover on the way back appeals a lot more. If we stopped on the way there I'd just be thinking we could be there by now! Haven't had that argument discussion with DH yet tho.
I'm just dreading this flight and trying to get my mind right as I need to be the positive one. Haven't even booked the tickets yet.

Beaglebaby Sun 28-Dec-14 13:34:37

I just flew from UK to Singapore with my 16mo. and I remember thinking thank god I'm not continuing on to Australia! Sorry that is probably not what you want to hear. I found this flight extremely difficult (was the return leg), but that's because 1. She barely slept all night 2. I was travelling alone 3. I'm nearly 6 months pregnant and hormonal anyway. Let's just say there were tears from both parties.... Just having my DH there would have made so much difference, so it will probably be ok for you as you can share the load and get some respite.

I asked for advice before travelling and everyone said just be really prepared and organised. So on the outbound flight (which was better) I made sure I had lots of new books to read, small toys to play with, snacks she likes, downloaded baby iPad apps and programmes (which she really liked as she doesn't usually get), stickers etc. Peppa Pig, In the Night Garden and Baby Jake were winners. Fisher Price has a lot of free baby apps. We also went for a lot of walks up and down the aisles.

I did have a seat for her, which she sat in to watch tv/read/eat her meal but she wouldn't sleep on it, only on me (slept 6 hours). I'm glad I had it though, just so we had more space to put stuff and so she wasn't on my lap for the duration. If there are two of you, you can take it in turns.

I requested a child meal which was decent (I think the baby meals are usually puree jars/pouches so avoid that option if your DC eats proper food) but she didn't really eat it and ate her own snacks which I'd brought for her.

Someone posted a useful blog on here which I referred to but can't find it now, will look tomorrow. Meanwhile, this might be helpful

(I haven't read it).

I think you and your DH will be fine. Good luck and enjoy the trip!

PossumPoo Thu 01-Jan-15 01:30:45

We went when DD was 2 and tbh I said l wouldn't go any younger! I'm sure it will be ok, it's really what you can cope with iykwim.

At 2 dd could naturally tire herself out with walks (with us of course ) and watch the movies. We are going again soon and at 4 l expect it to be a walk in the park touches wood

Do you need to go at that age, can you wait a little while longer?

good luck!

JellyTipisthebest Thu 01-Jan-15 06:21:27

Friend told me next time she she is going to fly Etihad, they have nannies on board to help. here

bryonyelf Sun 04-Jan-15 09:22:15

Who are you flying with- BA have 2 types of bassinet one of which will suit your 14 month old.

Always get a night flight out of the Uk. Don't take the day time ones. If you have those booked I'd seriously look at changing them.

SavoyCabbage Sun 04-Jan-15 09:36:39

Definitely fly at night if you can. Don't take too much stuff as it ges too hard to manage. I've done it on my own with dd 5 and dd nearly 2. It was hard work and I wished she had had her own seat. She did watch the TV. Get small headphones.

I don't like the bulkhead seat. Especially the ones next to the toilets. When there three of us, I like a row of three in the middle.

PossumPoo Sun 04-Jan-15 14:57:50

I'm taking an afternoon flight with dd which as savoy says isn't ideal but dd doesn't do day naps now and I didn't see the point of entertaining her all day before the flight and then a further 24 hours! (Last time we flew at night she only slept for about 5 hours in the 24 hour period!)

sorry op l didn't answer any of your other questions!

I wouldn't do a stop over, it's a painful trip but I'd rather get it over and done with! If you are flying into Singapore there is an on site hotel you could book for a rest/shower.

Dd loves pasta so i took 2 big containers and she ate that.

Dd slept on me but l took a v shaped pillow and could get us comfy enough using that, against the window.

Take a tablet with their fav shows and child size headphones. Dd just watched what the airline was showing.

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