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Is there much to do with kids in Chicago?

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Aberchips Tue 09-Dec-14 12:40:23

My OH has been lucky enough to be invited out to Chicago in August to watch some golf. We were thinking of possibly using it as a family holiday as well, but this means all flying out together & me being in Chicago on my own for 3 days with our two boys (will be 3 & almost 6 by then). Is there much to do or will it just be a nightmare trying to amuse them? Our plan is to meet up after the golf & travel up to the Lakes for a week or so. Anyone who knows the area that could give me some advice?

Lioninthesun Tue 09-Dec-14 12:43:20

I went BC in my late 20's and thought the museum was quite good. We also went to Bubba Gumps so if they like the film Forest Gump they may enjoy that (was good fun as the waitress really got into it too and nice food). That was on the pier. As I said though I didn't have kids at the time so these are all I could think of. We went for Thanksgiving and so saw the parade which was great to watch but not much help in August!

Aberchips Tue 09-Dec-14 13:06:06

Thanks Lion - any comments are helpful! I'm doing my own research online at the moment but nothing is better than first hand experiences.

Aberchips Tue 09-Dec-14 13:12:12

Also useful would be any recommendations for places to stay/ eat!

Scotinoz Wed 10-Dec-14 19:54:10

Chicago is awesome smile

There's a good aquarium, Navy Pier is good (Ferris wheel, mini golf, restaurants etc), the children's museum is next to the pier, the lake and city cruise is good but not sure if it'd suit kids, the Bean is neat (big shiny kidney bean sculpture in Millennium Park), and even just riding the L train since it's a bit different from a subway.

RayofSun Wed 10-Dec-14 19:58:11

Exactly what pp said. There is loads for children that age. We spent 2 days at the children's museum - it was so good the kids wanted to go back! The aquarium was brilliant, navy pier was good too. The boat ride was fun and the zoo too. You will have a great time!!

Lioninthesun Wed 10-Dec-14 22:28:35

It's making me want to go back with DD! Maybe in slightly better weather this time - freezing in December! (Obviously VERY windy too!). Have loads of fun!
Oh and there was a beautiful 20's style Italian restaurant that was really nice (sorry have forgotten the name but I seem to remember it was pretty well known) - so much food we took a load out in containers at the end. Bennigans(?) was a nice place for breakfast - huge again. I think the mix of Irish and Italian settlers means you won't have any trouble finding good food for the kids to enjoy smile

Lioninthesun Wed 10-Dec-14 22:35:00

Just googled it and looks like Bennigans has closed down but on the other hand the Chicago Tribune might be a good place to see what is going on while you are there and get a feel for the activities on offer smile

hopefulpuffin Thu 11-Dec-14 08:46:59

Field Museum esp if DC interested in dinosaurs.

Preciousbane Thu 11-Dec-14 08:56:38

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Aberchips Mon 19-Jan-15 11:45:31

Thanks - lots of ideas there. Don't think we'll be bored!

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