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Virgin charging £25 to book a seat

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hifi Mon 08-Dec-14 21:52:28

I'm well pissed off. An extra £200 for a return trip for our family. I know in the grand scheme of things it's not that much but I'm really annoyed.

3nationsfamily Thu 11-Dec-14 11:13:40

If you are booked on the flight, they have to give you a seat! If you want to specifically choose your seats then practically all airlines now charge this type of fee which used to be bundled into the up front price but is now a way of keeping the headline prices down. If it was me I would just leave it until check in and take the seats that are allocated but if you need to sit next to kids then this is the price you will have to pay.

SlightlyJadedJack Thu 11-Dec-14 14:03:17

YEp, I've just paid it too, well slightly more actually as I've had to book my 6'5" husband some extra leg room on top. angry

hifi Mon 15-Dec-14 23:43:01

Hmm, I held out as the flight isn't fully booked. Just logged on and we have been allocated a middle row of 4, for free.

3nationsfamily Tue 16-Dec-14 12:00:13

Good news- this is always what I do! �200 is better in my pocket than theirs!

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