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How to overcome jet lag

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Spoonme Wed 19-Nov-14 06:14:05


I have now missed 2 nights of sleep since being homeward bound from the USA. I can feel sleep encroaching but it won't take me!!

Anyone got any tips? I shall have to try not to sleep again in the day tomorrow but what if I can't sleep a third night?!


JeanSeberg Wed 19-Nov-14 06:20:10

No help here in afraid, it took me just under a week to get over returning from San Francisco. Cue ironing and other random stuff at 2am.

It's always worse going east.

Sorry no help, hope you get back to normal soon.

drinkyourmilk Wed 19-Nov-14 06:23:25

Its all about forcing yourself to stay awake in the day and sleep at night. If I just can't sleep I take night nurse - knocks me straight out. Just for the one night though.

Spoonme Wed 19-Nov-14 06:30:42

Thanks for your responses least DH and DS are sleeping

mdpis3 Wed 19-Nov-14 06:38:12

Ex airline staff here. You need to stay awake during the day, avoid caffeine, get tons of fresh air...and take night nurse.

rootypig Wed 19-Nov-14 06:40:02

Fresh air and daylight. I appreciate the latter may be difficult to arrange grin

Spoonme Wed 19-Nov-14 06:43:16

So is night nurse a herbal sleep remedy?
Good to have advice from ex air crew-did you suffer much?

mummymeister Wed 19-Nov-14 10:33:00

there is a herbal sleep remedy from boots that I use. and the staying awake during the day no matter what.

drinkyourmilk Wed 19-Nov-14 12:59:02

Its not herbal no. Its a cold remedy. Fantastic side effect of knocking you out though (hence the night bit. There's a day nurse too)

AttilaTheMeerkat Wed 19-Nov-14 14:16:29

Go out during the day and get some fresh air; that will keep you awake too. If you do sleep during the day get someone to wake you after 20 minutes.

Do not use Night nurse; you do not need such stuff at all to counteract jetlag. It won't reset your circadian rhythm any quicker either.

Spoonme Wed 19-Nov-14 17:35:52

Hello, thank you all again. Unfortunately, myself and my son fell asleep at 7.30am and we managed to wake up at 10.45am. Does this mean I won't sleep again tonight? I took your advice about the fresh air and have been out in the garden raking up leaves for most of the day!

Decided to steer clear of buying night nurse. It sounds a bit lethal!

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