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Barbados in July, with a 6 and a 2yo?

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MavisG Mon 03-Nov-14 21:05:48

Anyone been? Would you recommend it? Never taken the kids abroad/flown anywhere, what do I need to know?

Thank you!

bunchoffives Tue 04-Nov-14 00:38:35

Barbados is great. The Caribbean sea side of the island (as opposed to the Atlantic side) is calm clear water and warm. There are lots of public beaches which are beautiful.

I found it very safe. We were warned about going alone into certain areas in our hotel but when I got lost in the dark and wandered into a housing estate the locals were lovely and pointed me in the right direction. May be I was lucky but they seemed mostly nice.

The public buses are very good but most people get about on private mini buses which blast out music and are mad but great fun and characterful!

You can hire open sided jeep type cars cheaply and will get around the island in a day. But there's lots to do. There's a lovely botanical garden up in the hills and a small bit of jungle left where you can see the monkeys. Also boat trips where you can swim with turtles etc.

The food is okay, fresh fish is gorgeous but the native Bajan dishes are a bit meh (macaroni cheese, rice and peas etc) Very little fresh milk available so everything has evaporated milk. Rum is very cheap.

I did get get quite bitten by bugs but altho itchy wasn't serious.

The flight is long but I's say take lots to do for the lo and just grin and bear it, it'll be worth it. HTH.

MavisG Tue 04-Nov-14 22:36:46

Thanks Bunchoffives, especially for the tip about the Caribbean side - I'd not have worked that out, makes perfect sense.

bonhomme Wed 05-Nov-14 16:32:54

Hi, it is fab. Rates are low and the weather is still great - expect the odd cloudy day and the odd shower but mostly very hot and sunny.

Highly recommend the Tamarind on the west coast - it is fabulous for children. You will see from the reviews on Tripadvisor that there are lots of happy customers.

sergeantmajor Tue 11-Nov-14 14:40:22

There are some lovely places in Barbados. On my wishlist is Fairmont Royal Pavilion which is well-geared up for families.

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