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Beaches Jamaica with a 14 month old

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claraq Tue 03-Oct-06 09:25:54


We are thinking of going to Beaches Negril in November with our daughter, who would be 14 months. Has anyone been and if so what did you do in the evening? Did you need to hire a baby sitter every night in order to be able to go out to eat? I don't think Beaches have room service and because of jet lag it would be hard to keep her up for evening meals at least at the start of the holiday. Also, has anyone flown Virgin economy with an older baby? If so, what did you do with them on the flight - did they have to sit on your lap the whole time? And if so was it a real struggle - especially take-off when you can't get out of your seats for probably about 20 mins - half hour. Is it worth it??? The Caribbean sea is calling me but I am panicking!!! thanks....Clara

jetsetmum Wed 04-Oct-06 00:38:52

I've been to the caribbean a few times with DS1 & DS2

Went when DS1 was 15 months & my evening plan of action is to wear them out (dancing, running around in evening) so they they sleep in pushchair - used to take DS1 for dinner at 'teatime' then we went for meal later when he had either crashed or very sleepy & no trouble in buggy. Had the occasional babysitter as a treat.
Flew Virgin Economy to Las Vegas when DS1 was 1 - don't worry about other passengers - let them walk up & down aisle with you if necessary. Take lots of toys, I always have one wrapped up new toy for half way through flight = they are happy to play in your limited footwell as a break for you however found both DS1 & DS2 slept in my arms for a lot of the journey.

Take off - play lots of distracting games - try to get window seat -are we moving etc!!!

Me & my husband are travel agents so we holiday quite a bit and sometimes I think I cope with long haul better than short haul because I prepare for it more. Short term pain for long term pain.

PS They will wake up early to start ith - but do quickly adapt.

jetsetmum Wed 04-Oct-06 00:39:41

forgot to add Beaches Negril is the best Beaches hotel in Jamaica

claraq Wed 04-Oct-06 07:54:49

thanks for this information. I am really hopeful that we are going to go. We actually took her to Jamaica when she was 5 months old as I used to work there and had to go back for a few weeks for work purposes. The journey then was actually fine - as we flew Club (into Kingston) - not only that but she got her own seat as there were some empty ones and not suprisingly they didn't want to put anyone else next to the noisy baby (although she wasn't too bad and on the way home was brilliant and slept the whole way!). But this time I am much more concerned about how we would do things like eat while we are sitting in a cramped little economy seat with a wriggly squiggly one year old on our laps (or not!). So still undecided as to whether we should book a seat for her or not....Otherwise I think we are going to go for it!

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