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Any recommendations for Vegas Hotels??

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FriskyMare Thu 23-Oct-14 07:51:44

Finally booked our flights to California for next summer, me, DH and DC aged 15 and 17. I quite fancy the Bellagio for when we stay in Vegas, DH thinks it will be a waste of money (have been quotes £600 for 2 rooms for 3 nights which seems ok to me). This will be our holiday of a lifetime so have a reasonable budget.
Also has anyone used airbnb for rentals in San Fran and San Diego? We are flying from Vegas to San Fran then taking 2 weeks to drive to San Diego. Any advice will be gratefully received!

AttilaTheMeerkat Thu 23-Oct-14 09:30:06

I would also have a look at the MGM Signature as this is a both non gaming and non smoking facility.

ilovelamp82 Thu 23-Oct-14 09:32:09

I second the MGM. Also the Monte Carlo across the road. Both really reasonably priced and gorgeous rooms. Have fun! Vegas is amazing!

ilovelamp82 Thu 23-Oct-14 09:35:02

Also if you have a 15 and 17 year old with you. I think that the MGM has a lot more age appropriate stuff than the bellagio. You should definitely visit the Bellagio though as it's beautiful and the fountains are great. But I wouldn't pay to stay there.

All the hotels on the strip have amazing rooms.

specialsubject Thu 23-Oct-14 14:00:55

there is a travelodge and there are some simpler cheaper hotels. But do the research because Vegas has some bits you don't want to be in.

lemonpoppyseed Thu 23-Oct-14 14:49:43

We always stay at the MGM Grand. It's towards one end of the strip so not quite as in the action as much as others, and it's on the subway/monorail for easy access to the rest of the strip.

NoArmaniNoPunani Thu 23-Oct-14 14:54:00

The aria is amazing. Even if you don't stay there have a day at the spa, highlight of Vegas for me.

NoArmaniNoPunani Thu 23-Oct-14 14:56:10

I would also highly recommend a night or 2 in Carmel.

FriskyMare Thu 23-Oct-14 15:34:57

Thanks everyone, will have a look at the MGM. Any recommendations for San Fran? We are planning a couple of nights in Carmel NoArmani. Can't wait!

NoArmaniNoPunani Thu 23-Oct-14 20:15:26

Carmel is lovely, one of the highlights of our trip.

We stayed at the Argonaut in San Fran

currieaddict Fri 24-Oct-14 17:45:49

Signature at MGM is where we always stay. Suite sized rooms with kitchen facilities.

Mindgone Thu 30-Oct-14 12:55:48

We used a company called Hotwire for hotels in Las Vegas and San Fransisco. You choose which area you'd like to stay in, and a star rating, and then it gives you some descriptions of what's available and prices. You don't get to know the name until you've paid. We figured we couldn't go wrong, seeing that we hadn't been to either before. I did find out the best areas to stay in though, and asked for 5*. We got the 'W' hotel in San Fransisco, and Aria in Las Vegas, both at a fraction of the price we would have paid!
Hope you have a fab time, we did, with two teenagers too, holiday of a lifetime!

Pootles2010 Thu 30-Oct-14 12:58:16

Four seasons is very nice - none gaming, lovely and peaceful, and gorgeous pool.

GermanGirlinLondon Sun 09-Nov-14 22:27:51


Are you still looking for a hotel? I recommend the Vdara, great for families. Otherwise the Aria, great hotel and good amenities. Bellagio is lovely, but I wouldn't call it very family friendly. At MGM it really depends in which room you are planning to stay, you get what you pay for. Avoid the Monte Carlo, very outdated.

soupey1 Thu 20-Nov-14 13:51:03

Bally's is great and normally very reasonable. It is opposite the Bellagio so the middle of the strip which is very convenient, it has a monorail stop to get to the far ends of the strip and isn't too big so you don't have to walk miles just to get from your room to the main hotel.

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