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okay, it's JUSt hit me that we're flying to NZ on Sunday.....

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alittleBITEshy Mon 02-Oct-06 10:14:11

...looked at Singapore airlines' inflight movies thing and there isn't much for kids. argh.

got lots of bits to bring out at intervals during the trip (dd is 3 btw) but any other advice would be great.

have been reading Califorifrau's wonderful selection of sick bag games etc but any other help would be fab.

flying at night, so first flight should be ok, but the second one will be more of a challenge.... argh.

themaskedposter Mon 02-Oct-06 11:21:47

good luck!!
Myself and dd (who will be 2.8) are going to NZ in January for a month, and I am furiously trying to think of what on earth I am going to do to keep her occupied on the flight even now!
Please let me know how you get on, and any tricks that worked a treat etc.
xx TMP xx

naki Mon 02-Oct-06 19:45:13

good luck,
i have done this flight loads of times and found one of the best things to take is one of those leap pad books they can look at the storys play games and have loads of books to choose from,
hope you enjoy nz its an awesome place i lived there for 18 months, hope you enjoy


robinpud Mon 02-Oct-06 19:52:11

A cheap walkman with a selection of story tapes should keep your 3 year old amused for a while.

Piffle Mon 02-Oct-06 19:53:55

you lucky thing I am an expat kiwi

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